The Different Types of Hob

Image showing different types of hobs: Gas, induction and ceramic

With so many types of hob on the market, deciding which suits your needs best can be a challenge. Whether you’re about to begin the process of trying to find your next hob, are already on the lookout for one, or just want some inspiration, then this article is for you.

We’ll show you what the main types of hob are and how they work, to help you get a better idea as to which type of hob is the best choice for you. Here are the five main types of hob.

What is a ceramic hob?

Ceramic hobs are stylish, effective, and affordable electric hobs. By using electric heating elements that sit underneath the glass surface, a ceramic hob is an effective cooking tool. Once you’ve chosen the temperature for your ceramic hob, these elements begin to heat up its surface. This heat then transfers from the glass surface to your cooking equipment, which proceeds to cook your food.

Ceramic hobs are popular for a number of reasons, including the sleek, glass surface that’s perfect for contemporary kitchens, the ability for the hob to sit almost flush with the worktop, and the ease of installation.

Bear in mind however that it’s possible for the surface to be scratched or even smashed, and that they’re not as responsive as gas or induction hobs.

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What is a domino hob?

Domino is a style, not a type, that’s available in gas, ceramic and induction varieties. As the name suggests, domino hobs are a rectangular, “domino” shape. This makes them ideal for smaller kitchens since unlike standard hobs, which feature four or five zones or burners, domino hobs feature just one or two.

Domino “hobs” can also feature teppanyaki grills, griddles, and even deep fat fryers, allowing homeowners to mix and match a standard hob with other types of cooking equipment.

These are a really good option if you’re having, say, a kitchenette installed in a self-contained guest area, or want a couple extra cooking zones work alongside your cooker. A domino hob opens up cooking possibilities and they’re not over-expensive, too, especially when you buy at Appliance City.

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What is a gas hob?

Gas hobs look good and offer fast, precise cooking. They also suit both modern and traditional style kitchens, so they’re a great choice regardless of your taste in interior design.

They’re also highly functional, since they’re quick to produce an even temperature across your cooking surface. The gas hob connects to your gas mains and, when you turn the hob on, an ignition point generates a spark and lights the burner, so you can begin cooking. They’ve long been the standard of hob cooking and a fuel type and product you’re likely to be very familiar with.

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What is an induction hob?

Induction hobs are a relatively recent invention, which is why you won’t find them in as many homes as ceramic or gas hobs – but their popularity is undoubtedly growing all the time.

Induction hobs look good, cook quickly and accurately, and are very safe. To explain this in more detail let’s look at how an induction hob works.

Induction hobs work by delivering an electric current through a coil which is located underneath the hob’s surface. When this current is fed through the coil, a fluctuating magnetic field is created, which transfers heat to the bottom of your cooking equipment when it is placed upon the hob.

What’s perhaps most interesting about induction hobs is the fact they don’t generate surface heat until a metal object is placed onto them.

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What is an air venting induction hob?

Air venting induction hobs combine an induction hob and cooker hood into one.

These models can often be used for both ducted extraction (so the air is vented straight outside) as well as recirculation (when the air is cleaned and vented back into the room). The air vent is located on the hob itself, which makes it even more efficient at removing grease and moisture than hoods that are located above the cooking equipment.

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Now you know what the main styles of hob are and how they differ from one another, you will hopefully be able to decide which hob is best for your needs. It’s important to look at the individual specifications for each model that you’re considering purchasing in order to make sure it’s the right choice for you.

If you would like additional information on any of the hobs within our range then please contact us. Alternatively you can visit our article on hob FAQs for answers to the most commonly asked questions about hobs.