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Samsung’s The Frame: The TV That Looks Like Art

You may have seen an ‘art TV’ around. Maybe you’ve seen one on social media, or you saw an advert in passing somewhere. This painting TV is in fact Samsung’s The Frame. An incredibly versatile and Instagram-worthy TV. But the Frame is so much more than just a TV that displays art. Read on to find out more!

What is the Art TV?

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Samsung’s The Frame is a TV that can display art when it’s not in use. You can display everything from your favourite Van Gogh to photography from your own collection. Instead of a big black screen in your living room, you’ll be able to view a variety of beautiful art pieces.

This TV is a really easy way to transform your living room, dining room or bedroom. Because the frame itself is so much like a real art frame, the TV can blend in so easily with the rest of your décor.

Exciting colours

What makes The Frame look so much like art? Apart from the slimmest frame possible, it’s the millions of vibrant pixels. The Frame has 100% Colour Volume, like most of Samsung’s QLED TVs. This means that it can express the most colours possible, no matter the angle or brightness of your room.

The art that’s displayed on screen is the brightest, most realistic and vibrant there can be. A billion shades of colour makes the Samsung TV worth every single penny.

Technology Behind The Frame

Although it is a pretty art frame, there’s a lot of powerful technology and innovative design techniques that go into making The Frame. Samsung’s cutting edge tech really does make it feel like you’re walking into an art gallery.

Samsung’s 4K Quantum Processor

This is exactly what brings The Frame to life. All of our Frame’s are in 4K, and the processor makes light work of upscaling any non-4K content into beautifully detailed images. It’s Samsung’s most powerful processor yet. And combined with the adaptive sensors, it will give you a perfect picture in any light.

Whether you like an ambient light, or if you enjoy lots of natural light in your lounge, The Frame will adjust accordingly. Giving you the best picture quality in all conditions, no matter if it’s your favourite Netflix show or a lovely art piece.

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Motion Sensor

Won’t having the TV on all the time consume lots of energy? No, not really. The Frame has a Motion Sensor, which can detect if you’re in the room or not. So when it detects you’re out of the room, it’ll turn off to standby mode and stop showing art. Saving you energy when you’re not in the room.

Invisible connection

One of the big things we worry about when getting a new TV is the wiring. You want the TV to look great, and you don’t want ugly wires muddling up your view. Especially when you’re looking at a wonderful piece of art, the wires are sure to shatter the illusion.

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That’s why Samsung have created the One-Near Invisible cable and One Connect Box. The One-Near Cable is practically invisible, and links everything from the One Connect box to your TV. You can keep the One Connect box away in a cupboard or cabinet. This will keep your living room looking modern and seamless.

It’s fully customisable

Everything about The Frame is made your way. If you want a frame that matches your décor exactly, there’s a loads of custom bezels you can get from Samsung directly. Or you can find fun and personal bezels all across Etsy, just make isure it’s the right size for your Frame.

The art TV has got a large 16GB memory, so you can store up to 1,200 of your own photos and pictures. It’s like a giant digital photoframe, but bigger, and much better quality.

You can make collections of your favourite art pieces too. So if you’re a fan of Monet, you can mark all Monet’s in your digital gallery; they’ll the only ones to display whilst you’re viewing.

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Is The Frame a normal TV?

Samsung’s The Frame is everything you need from a TV and so much more. It’s got your classic Smart TV features, including all your favourite apps and Bixby the smart assistant. Then it’s got Art Mode too. A fantastic way to turn your home into a more aesthetically pleasing and interesting place…

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