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10 Funky Kitchen Gadgets for the Modern Cook

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We’ve scoured the internet to find you the coolest and the most useful kitchen gadgets available on the market. Cook with ease using these 10 funky little gadgets. They’ll make your kitchen look pretty darn nifty too!

So without further ado and in no particular order…….

1. Lid Sid

So, some of you may already know about Lid Sid but it’s definitely a gadget worth mentioning for those of you who don’t. Stop your pots from boiling over by letting out some steam using this delightful gadget. It’s funky, it’s useful and you can bag a pack of two on amazon for as little as £7.72. That’s a bargain in our books!

2. The iPad Stand by Chef Sleeve

If you’ve steered away from cookbooks and use the good old internet to find tasty creations then this gadget is a must have! The iPad stand from chef sleeve makes cooking from an internet recipe a whole lot easier! Simply pop your iPad in the stand and hey presto! No more food covered iPad! And to top it all off its eco-friendly and dishwasher safe too!

3. The Anti-Loneliness Bowl

You may not use this whilst you’re cooking, but what about afterwards when you’re enjoying something warm and gooey? Holding your phone and eating at the same time can be disastrous and we all know spending a minute without our phones these days is pretty much impossible! Stay social while eating with the anti-loneliness Ramen bowl.

4. The Quirky Citrus Spritzer

Juicing a whole lemon just to drizzle a small amount on top of salad or fish is time consuming and a waste! This super simple little gadget is easy and quick to use and doesn’t take up too much space in your cupboard!

Check out this YouTube video to see it in action:

5. Herb Scissors

Chopping up herbs can take forever! But you can complete this task quickly and easily using herb scissors. Purchase these for as little as £7.99, they won’t break the bank but will save you time!

6. The Joseph Joseph Rocker Garlic Crusher

Getting out your chopping board and knives just to conquer a piece of garlic is not necessary with this funky little garlic crusher. Available in four colours, stainless steel, black, green and purple, this useful tool means no more fingers smelling of garlic for days!

7. Disposable iPhone Sleeves

Perfect for all you tech savvy cooks out there, these rather handy disposable sleeves for iPhones ensure those electronic wonders are kept safe from liquid splashes and food! Their available for iPads too!

8. I Could Eat a Horse Spaghetti Measurer

You can’t deny that cooking the right amount of pasta is actually quite difficult! There’s always far too much or not enough! This useful little tool helps you measure just the right amount depending on how hungry you are. The name says it all, if you’re hank marvin (starving) and you could eat a horse, the horse shape is the one for you.

9. The Perfect Rolling Pin

Cooking with pastry can be rather technical, use this adjustable rolling pin to ensure you get the exact pastry thickness you need. Great for pizzas, pies, lasagne sheets and filo pastry, it’s not just useful it looks pretty cool too!

10. Taylor Digital Measuring Cup

Getting measurements right for those intricate recipes is vital. Use this super accurate digital measuring scale to weight food and measure volumes of liquid. With two functions in one its time to ditch your inaccurate scales and your measuring jug!

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