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The Cheater’s Guide to Table Etiquette

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At Appliance City, we like to make things easy for you; whether it’s our simple but pleasurable online shopping experience or straight forward customer service! So with the holidays upon us and the inevitable dining occasions that we will share with our families and friends, we’ve put together an easy to follow Cheater’s Guide to Table Etiquette!

Impress your guests with a table laid like those in the finest dining establishments and treat your loved ones to a truly memorable experience! Whether it’s breakfast, lunch or a formal dinner our guide will help you to create the perfect setting to entertain your diners!

The Cheater's Guide to Table Etiquette

The Cheater’s Guide to Table Etiquette – An infographic by the team at Appliance City

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If you want to put your new etiquette knowledge to the test and host a dinner party, but want to upgrade you’re kitchen appliances, check out our range of American fridge freezers, cookers and wine coolers today.

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