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Kenwood at Appliance City

Since 1947, Kenwood have been proudly making efficient and stylish kitchen appliances. They've always been experts in food preparation, helping home bakers achieve incredible results in less and less time. The Kenwood Chef Stand Mixer is the star of the show; it's enabled cooks everywhere to be more creative and passionate in the kitchen for decades.

Now, with incredible experience under their belts, Kenwood are the go to brand for high performance and durable kitchen appliances & accessories. Shop the iconic Kenwood Chef Stand Mixer below.

Kenwood Chef Highlights

The K-Beater

This stainless steel attachment is the signature tool of all Kenwood Chef Stand Mixers. The K-Beater reaches all edges of your mixing bowl, giving you an overall superior ingredient mix. It'll mix together just about anything; perfect for creating biscuits, pastries and doughs.

EasyWeigh Scales

Throw away your kitchen scales! The integrated EasyWeigh electronic scales allow you to weigh all your ingredients individually or incrementally. If you're a chef that loves being methodically and precise, these EasyWeigh scales are for you!

Planetary Mixing

All of Kenwood's Stand Mixers feature easy to use speed controls, but that would be nowhere without their planetary mixing system. It has a larger mixing orbit that moves in a circular motion, allowing ingredients to be fully combined to achieve better overall results. No more lumps and bumps in your cupcakes!

The Chef Series

The Kenwood Chef series features the very best in professional baking appliances. In the hearts of cooks around the world for over 70 years, the Kenwood Chef stand mixer will be there to support you in every cooking adventure you face.

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