How Much Do Range Cookers Cost To Run?

A modern black AGA range cooker installed in a kitchen with wooden cabinets and black countertop. Top cabinets and extraction fan are white.

Are range cookers expensive to run?

Whether you’re trying to convince yourself or your partner to plunge into range cooker ownership, how much it costs to run is an important factor to consider. After all, they often have a bigger upfront cost and will require you to ensure they have adequate space in your kitchen. It’s a big investment! But is it worth it?

Modern vs. Traditional Range Cookers

Beware of confusing a modern range cooker with traditional cast-iron range cookers of Victorian times. Rangemaster and the iconic Swedish brand Aga, who now belong to the same organisation, began manufacturing range cookers in the 1800s.

These cookers were designed for Victorian houses, which had poor thermal retention. They would continuously burn fuel at a low intensity, to help heat these homes. The heavy iron frame would absorb this heat and radiate it throughout the house, whilst also providing simple cooking functions.

As a result, the average fuel use of traditional ranges is considerably greater than modern range cookers that are today used solely for cooking. Purchasing a traditional range cooker, otherwise known as a storage range cooker, is more of a lifestyle choice. Instead of just factoring in cooking times, you would need to think about how you would add this into the mix of radiators and water heating within your home. We wouldn’t recommend a traditional range cooker if your house is less than 50-60 years old though. It would simply be too hot to justify the cost!

This is where the growing popularity of modern range cookers comes in. They offer all the stunning style and traditional appearance craved, with all the latest technology thrown in – a perfect combination!

A Rangemaster Professional Deluxe 110cm range cooker in silver, in a a modern black and white kitchen.

Fuel Type

What’s the Best Fuel Type for My Cooker?

Rangemaster black Kitchener 110cm range cooker in a beige kitchen

How much a range cooker will cost you to run will depend on various factors. One of the factors that can impact cost the most is the fuel type.

Electricity is more expensive than gas. Therefore, it makes sense that a gas range cooker will be cheaper to run than an electric one. This does however depend on the energy efficiency of the range cookers you’re comparing.

The most energy efficient gas ovens use about the same amount of energy as the most efficient electric ovens. And because gas is cheaper, opting for an energy efficient range cooker with a gas oven will result in cheaper running costs.

On the other hand, whilst gas ovens tend to be cheaper than electric ovens, this isn’t the case for hobs. That’s because induction hobs have shown to be much cheaper than gas hobs thanks to how incredibly efficient they are. And because range cookers have both ovens and hobs, it’s important to consider all the elements.

Although you can invest in a dual fuel range cooker, you will struggle to find a combination with an induction hob and gas oven. It’s therefore important to consider which elements you are likely to use more often. For example, if you know that you won’t use the oven very often but will use the stovetop every day, it may be more cost effective to purchase a range cooker with an induction hob. However, if you know you’ll use the oven regularly, it may be better to opt for a gas range cooker.

Despite gas range cookers running cheaper though, dual fuel range cookers tend to be the preferred option. This is because they often provide better performance and features, achieved by combining the best features of gas and electric range cookers.

Energy Efficiency

How much does energy efficiency affect range cooker running costs?

How efficiently your range cooker runs will have a direct impact on how much it costs to run. Put simply, the more energy your range cooker needs, the more energy you will need to pay for. Therefore, finding an energy efficient range cooker will save you money. 

Luckily, most modern models have an A rated energy level, or above. It’s therefore safe to say that, on average, a range cooker is energy efficient. This means that a range cooker’s oven shouldn’t cost any more to run than a standard built-in oven. Although, you might find that once you’ve bought one you’ll be inspired to cook at home more often!

How much does it cost to run a range cooker?

It’s difficult to give an exact number for how much it will cost you to run a range cooker. This is because it can depend on several factors; the model, fuel type, how often it’s used, and the current energy costs.
However, according to Which? (2024), a range cooker costs an average of £60 per year, with typical costs ranging from £45 – £89.

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