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While styles change over the years, Britannia’s standards do not. They believe in design you can see, craftsmanship you can feel and reliability you can count on. Their latest collection embodies these values in appliances packed with features, designed to impress and built to last. In an array of styles and fuel types, you can always come home to quality with Britannia.

The Britannia Range

Master the art of cooking with a Britannia Delphi range cooker. The Delphi comes with a range of standard features, such as a meat probe, quick start, telescopic runners and much more! The Delphi range is Britannia’s flagship range cooker model and will quickly become the heart of your home.

The Britannia Q Line range cooker has an impressive appearance equaled only by its exceptional performance. A Q Line also comes with many features as standard, but also has a deluxe soft-close storage drawer. The Q Line is an absolute joy to cook with, and will make a professional statement in the home.

Britannia Range Cooker Highlights


Britannia’s rotisserie is a superb way to cook pork, chicken, duck and other game birds with even cooking, succulent meat on the inside and a crispy skin on the out.

The rotisserie uses the grill element of the oven meaning minimal spitting which enables you to maintain a cleaner oven cavity. The rotisserie comes with every Britannia, except the 120cm wide range cooker.

Meat Probe

Britannia Delphi range cookers come with an in built meat probe. The meat probe has sensors that recognise when meat is cooked to absolute perfection. Once meat reaches optimal temperature, the oven will automatically turn off to avoid overcooking.

So if you're mealtimes tend to revolve around meat, and you like to cook with precision, choosing a Britannia will certainly make your cooking experience easier.

Dual Wok Burner

Are you inspired by Asian cuisine? Are you a fan of hot, instant results in your kitchen? The Britannia Dual Wok burner certainly delivers, giving you freedom to express yourself with adventurous and lightning fast cooking.

From a gentle 0.48kW flame to a powerful 5kW one. The Dual Wok Burner is fast and controllable, giving you professional performance at your fingertips.

Quick Start

Britannia's unique "Quickstart" feature enables all 60cm main ovens to reach the ideal cooking temperature of 200°C in half the standard time of most ordinary ovens.

Perfect for taking the heat off you in the kitchen, especially when you're pressed for time.

Telescopic Sliders

Serve dinner straight from the oven thanks to telescopic shelves that safely slide right out for extra convenience. They're sleek, professional, and add a touch of class to what otherwise would be just a regular oven.

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