Which Brands Make the Best Kitchen Sinks?

Buying appliances for the home isn’t quite like anything else you buy. It’s not a case of nipping out to the shops and buying a new fridge or a kitchen sink. You need to make sure you’re well informed before you buy, because you want this purchase to last you for a long time. Your kitchen sink may be with you for as long as you live in that house. So you want to make sure you’re investing in quality.

We carry sinks from three different brands at Appliance City, and we’re going to acquaint you with them here. You may not have heard of them, you may know all about them, we’re going to tell you what we love about them, and why we stock them.

We only stock appliances from brands that we know are going to satisfy our customers. For more products, check out our Kitchen Taps and our Cooking, Refrigeration, Small Appliance sections and more. 

Are Sinks by Franke Good?

Franke are a well established name in the appliance market. Beginning in Switzerland as a sheet metal business they’ve added many strings to their bow and are one of the most reliable manufacturers of appliances in Europe. 

So why choose Franke? Well, first of all, you’re pretty spoiled for choice here at Appliance City. We have over 250 Franke kitchen sinks for you to choose from. We can say with almost complete certainty that there is a Franke sink for your kitchen in our collection. 

Franke sinks are a good price. They’re not the cheapest, but they’re not overpriced by any means. Plus, you’re buying into a brand with a solid reputation. You’re not going to buy another kitchen sink for decades probably, so they’re well worth the money. 

Our Franke sinks come in a range of materials and layouts, there’s hundreds to browse from on our website so get looking and see if you can’t snag yourself a fantastic deal on one of our Franke kitchen sinks. 

View the range here.

Are Caple Sinks Well-made?

Bristol-based Caple are one of our favourite brands. We’re proud to back British business at Appliance City and see an independent manufacturer like Caple take big global brands on at their own game. 

Caple are a design-forward brand and you can see how much time and effort has gone into fine tuning their sleek and minimal aesthetic. They make a stylish addition to any kitchen. You wouldn’t think a kitchen sink would be a way to communicate your sense of style, but with Caple’s sinks suddenly they are. With some gloriously sleek sinks to choose from, we don’t think we need to explain why we love Caple’s kitchen sinks so much, you can see for yourself.

Shop our Caple Kitchen Sinks.

Are Blanco Sinks Any Good?

Our third and final brand is Blanco. Founded many years ago in Germany and now one of biggest appliance brands in Australia, Blanco are a trusted source of high-quality kitchen sinks and they make up our trio of manufacturers. 

Blanco began life in 1925, so they’re fast approaching their centenary. You don’t  see 100 years of being in business by making bad products. This is just another testament to their quality and the faith that consumers have in them. 

With a wide choice of designs, materials, colours, layouts and more there’s plenty of variety and there’s flexibility in their price range. There’s a Blanco kitchen sink in our range for any budget and any kitchen. 

Check out our Blanco Kitchen Sinks here.

Now you know a little bit more about the brands you can check out their respective lines and see which one matches your style the most. Don’t miss our Kitchen Taps section either for some really fantastic options for your home. With free delivery in the UK, save money when you buy online today at Appliance City!