Gorenje Integrated Freezers

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Integrated freezers are installed behind a furniture door, either under the worktop or in a tall housing unit which means the appliance is not visible when the door is shut – ideal if you want a streamlined finish without breaking up the cabinetry. There are several sizes available from built under all the way up to full height in column models. Some integrated freezers feature a fixed door on door fitting and some use a sliding hinge mechanism so if you’re replacing an old model be sure to check the fitting type before you buy but if you’re in any doubt don’t hesitate to give our team of experts a call. Head back to our wide refrigeration section for more outstanding appliances. Shop from our collections of fridge freezers, wine coolers, fridges and much more.

Gorenje have developed a reputation of reliability, smart design and customer satisfaction. These freezers can be installed behind your kitchen furniture to preserve the look, design and feel of the room. If you don't want your kitchen appliances to disrupt the look you were going for, then don't let them. Whether you want freestanding freezers or integrated freezers,we've got it all. And this range of Gorenje Integrated Freezers is well worth your consideration. Head over to our refrigeration section to shop around, our line of American-Style Fridge Freezers in not to be missed! For more outstanding Gorenje appliances, click here.