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The best heat pump condenser dryer deals around..

As autumn is approaching, so is the cooler weather. No more putting the washing out on the washing line to dry because let’s face it, we never know whether it will bucket it down with rain, freeze or just never dry once we’ve left for work for the day. So, with that in mind, it’s tumble dryer season, specifically heat pump condenser dryers.

Heat pump technology helps to conserve energy by re-using the hot air. Not only are heat pump tumble dryers better for the environment, they are better on your pocket too. Heat pump technology uses almost 50% less energy used by conventional models. Since they use an energy efficient heat exchange system, the air temperature inside the drum is considerably lower than conventional dryers, which provides better protection for your precious and favourite clothing. So, they really are the perfect purchase especially if you wash daily.

How it works?

Heat pump tumble dryers use hot air to absorb moisture from your clothes to get them dry after you’ve washed them. Once this has happened, air passes through the drum, it travels through the evaporator which removes the moisture, which is collected as condensation and stored into a tank. The remaining air is then re-heated and sent back to the drum to start the cycle all over again and continue drying your clothes. You get why they are so energy efficient now right? They use lower temperatures to dry the load, which offers better protection for your clothes. The compromise is that it takes a little longer for your clothes to dry, but the fact it saves you pennies makes it more than worth it. It takes an A++ heat pump dryer approximately 5 minutes extra to dry a 1kg load, but it uses less than half the energy of a B-rated condenser dryer.

Best heat pump condenser deals right now…

Bosch WTW863S1GB 7kg condenser dryer

This fantastic condenser dryer from Bosch is an A++ rated energy efficient machine with features such as delay timer so you can dry your clothes at a time that suits you and a 120-minute anti-crease cycle so you spend less time ironing. With ActiveAir technology, self-cleaning condenser, super quick 40 cycle, low heat option and a sensitive drying system, this dryer is the perfect option if you have a busy lifestyle.

Siemens WT45H200 8kg IQ-300 heat pump condenser dryer

This Siemens condenser dryer uses heat pump technology to bring to you an incredibly energy efficient machine. With some fantastic features such as sensor controlled AutoDry, easy clean filter, delay timer and a SoftDry drum. This unique drum ensures constant air flow which cushions your clothes and protects them. With an 8kg load capacity it is ideal for larger or busy households. There are varied specialised drying programmes including anti crease, which we love, as it means less time ironing! With an A++ energy rating this machine is energy efficient, keeping your costs down.

AEG T88595IS 9kg OKO heat pump condenser dryer

This amazing AEG heat pump condenser dryer comes with the coveted Wool Mark Blue certification for the safe drying of woolen items. Delicate loads will be well cared for with the unique AbsoluteCare system, even your silk bits and pieces will be safe in this clever dryer. Steam technology is used to refresh and de-wrinkle clothes that need freshening up and is even safe to use on dry clean only clothing. The heat pump technology allows clothes to be dried at lower temperatures to preserve the quality of delicates whilst OptiSense prevents over drying. With a generous 9kg load capacity and a fantastic A++ energy rating this dryer is sure to be star of your kitchen.

AEG T65771IH1 7kg heat pump condenser dryer

This superb condenser dryer from AEG has a great 7kg load capacity and 16 wash programmes. With an Anti-crease function, you can spend less time ironing, a real bonus, right? It is A++ rated for energy efficiency so keeps your running costs nice and low. This unit can be placed anywhere in your property as it has a condensing unit which eliminates the need for a vent hose.

Hotpoint SUTCD97B6P 9kg Ultima S-line condenser dryer

This fantastic Hotpoint condenser dryer is part of their Ultima range. It comes with a large digital display screen to clearly show setting and cycle details. With an impressive 9kg drum capacity this dryer is suitable for even the largest household and families and it comes with a huge variety of drying options, including special programmes for wool, silk, denim and cuddly toys. It also features sensor drying which enables you to set and forget your drying with the confidence that it will dry your clothes perfectly. The best feature on this dryer is that you can save your favourite cycles with the My Cycle memory function and pick a time to suit you using the delay timer. This dryer is B rated.

Samsung DV8OK6010CW 8kg heat pump condenser dryer

This stunning Samsung condenser dryer has an impressive 8kg load capacity so is perfect for any household. With a diamond drum and featuring SensorDry technology which stops the condenser from continuing to dry your clothes when there is no longer any moisture left in them, this dryer has an A++ rating for energy efficiency. It also has wrinkle prevention, meaning you spend less time ironing. This dryer features a programme progress indicator, so you always know how long is left on your drying cycle.

We have unbeatable prices on all the heat pump condenser dryers mentioned in this blog plus many more. Dry your clothes without compromising on their quality and protection and reduce your costs with a heat pump condenser dryer – they are worth every penny saved.

Want some more information on the models mentioned or any other models? Please give a member of our sales team a call – they are always happy to help 🙂 0115 965 1937.

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