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LG Tumble Dryers offer great features on their condenser dryers which can be put anywhere inside with no need to vent out. Simply dispose of the condensed water when it’s finished. With clever extras such as the self-cleaning function and sensor drying, drying your laundry is hardly a chore. Incredibly efficient heat pump condensers reuse heat that would normally be wasted making these machines even more cost efficient. With two way tumbling options to help prevent tangles and interior drum lights, LG dryers are packed with clever features. Watch out for Smart Diagnosis; LG’s innovative diagnostics system. Should the machine have any problems, you can diagnose them using your mobile or LG can find out more over a landline! As you can see, LG have made laundry a walk in the park by stuffing their tumble dryers with practical, modern features. Scroll down to the bottom of the page for our informative posts if you have any questions.

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Simple instructions for installing both condenser and vented tumble dryers.
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