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Ten Great Apps for Food Lovers

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If you’re a foodie, then the plethora of food-related apps available will leave you spoilt for choice as to which ones to download. Here are ten great apps that every food lover will want to have.


If you’re looking for somewhere good to eat, then Urbanspoon is the app that can assist you, in a rather fun manner. Designed with an interface like a slot machine, you can either hit the shake button, or shake your phone, and the wheels will spin until they land on a decent place to eat. You can narrow the results according to how much you want to spend, the location and type of cuisine. Other useful features include checking table availability and making a reservation, reading restaurant reviews and writing your own, as well as building your own dining history.


This app is a must-have for anyone who regards cooking with a high priority, as it’s like a mobile bible for food-lovers. Not only do you have a choice of around 30,000 food and drink recipes at your fingertips, but you can search recipes by type and skill level. It comes with voice-recognition search to make your browsing easier. You can share your favourites with others and follow the step-by-step instructions to making the recipes of your choice. A handy shopping list feature allows you to make interactive lists of the ingredients you need when you go to the supermarket and tick them off as you go along.

Evernote Food

Eating should be made up of a collection of memorable experiences, and this app lets you create your own personal store of food-related memories and culinary adventures you’ve been on. You can add favourite recipes or the restaurants you love using photos and notes, just as though you’re building your own online cookbook. You can tag recipes based on items such as ingredients or diet and it allows you to share with others your dining experiences. You can also search a wide range of recipes or local eateries and save details of any that you like the sound of.


If you fancy yourself as a bit of a cocktail enthusiast, then the Mixology app would be right up your street. But, you don’t need to be a pro to have a go at this app, as it caters for all levels of abilities. You can select from nearly 8,000 drink and cocktail recipes, each with step-by-step instructions of what you need to do to prepare that particular beverage of choice. The app also has a handy feature that allows you to input which ingredients you’ve got to hand, and it will come up with a drink that you could rustle up using these. As well as lots of bartending tips, you can rate your concoctions and find local drinking establishments in your area.

Time to Roast

Cooking the perfect roast is all about timing and co-ordination, but with this little app, you’ll never get it wrong. All you have to do is enter the weight of your roasting meat into the app, and it will give you cooking times, the temperature required, user-friendly cooking instructions and handy alarms to remind you when things need doing. The app also gives you easy-to-follow instructions to test the meat to see if it’s cooked or not. You can get all the information you need on meats such as chicken, beef, lamb, pork, turkey, goose and duck.

Real Simple: No time to cook

With most of us leading busy lifestyles not everyone has unlimited time to cook, so this great app is a real must-have for time-starved people who still like to make their meals from scratch. The 850 recipes in the app are all quick and easy to prepare, with most taking 40 minutes or less from start to finish. The recipes are wide-ranging, so there’s something for everyone, with easy-to-follow instructions. The app also lets you make shopping lists and add recipes to the list, as well as set up a timer so you know when your meals are ready.


This is a really useful app if you are a food conscious individual, who either likes to know what they are eating or is following a restrictive diet. The app grades food items using a scientific algorithm to see how healthy and nutritious they actually are. It can also provide healthier alternatives, so works well with those seeking to lose weight or just get healthier. It can help simplify confusing ingredient lists and nutrition labels, so you actually know what you’re eating. Enlightening and informative, this is a must-have app for those who want to be educated about the food they eat.


Well-prepared dishes should look visually pleasing, so any aspiring foodies looking for inspiration will find this app utterly mouth-watering. You can search thousands of photos of dishes made by food bloggers throughout the world. Browse by a number of criteria, whether you want something specific, or just want to see the latest posting. If you find a photo that sets your juices flowing, then tap on it to find the recipe and further details. You can save it or share with like-minded friends.

Every decent dish needs a fine wine to accompany it, so if you want to start getting wine savvy, then this handy app will be a useful resource to download. The app includes information on well over a million bottles of wine, so there should be something to suit every dish!  Type in the name of the wine, or scan its barcode, and you can get the lowdown on that tipple, including reviews. You’ll never purchase a dodgy bottle of wine ever again!  You can also keep track of your wine collection and share information with friends.


Although Vouchercloud is not exclusively food related, it does have a lot of great deals so it’s an essential app for those who love to eat out regularly. You can search for details by location and what’s near to you, download the voucher and just present it on your phone when you pay at the restaurant.

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