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Recipes with a Twist

Recipes with a Twist - Recipes - Appliance City

Many times people will judge a book, recipe or anything really, upon first glance. In the case of recipes it’s most likely to be the title or image of the recipe or the category the recipe falls in. So before any Judgy McJudgerson takes over have a gander at these fine recipes. The plot twist won’t come until the end (no cheating either).

Gooey Pumpkin Spice Latte Chocolate Pudding Cake

Pumpkin Spice Latte Chocolate Cake - Recipes - Appliance City

It is pumpkin season. People are shoving the flavour into any and every dish that they can. This dish is no exception. It is a beautiful combination of chocolate, pumpkin and coffee and is absolutely brilliant. It’s like having a cup of coffee and a slice of cake all in one. The recipe from Oh She Glows is easy to make and would make the perfect finish to an evening Winter meal or even something brilliant to serve Christmas Eve night. Make it a tradition!

Italian Orzo Spinach Soup

Italian Orzo spinach soup - recipes - appliance city

Perfect for a night in, chilling on the couch with a warm bowl of comfort food. This recipe from Gimme Some Oven could quickly become one of my favourite go to comfort food recipes. It has so many of my favourite things in it, spinach and pasta! Whilst I would normally go for a white lasagna, this is easier to make, lasts longer and doesn’t take up nearly as much of my time. Did I say it tastes and smells gorgeous? No. Well it does. Don’t take my word for it, make it yourself. Fill your home full of the scent of this delicious soup, then crack open a window and tease your neighbours with it!

Cheesy Alfredo with Peas and Kale

cheesy alfredo with kale and peas - recipes - appliance city

Happening upon this recipe by Pink Theory was the best thing to happen to me on a Monday. It literally had me at the words “Cheesy Alfredo”. I mean just the thought of Alfredo has my mouth watering. This recipe can easily be made uniquely for your tastes. I happen to substitute spinach for kale. I just like spinach a bit more than the bitter taste of kale. You can also mix in a bit of mushrooms, maybe some red pepper for spice or a bit of red onion. The options are endless. But the fact remains, this recipe is a winner no matter which way you make it.

Chilli Polenta Pot Pie

Recipes with a twist - chili polenta pie - appliance city - recipes

Take your typical pot pie and put a Mexican twist on it and you have this beaut from Potluck. It’s no secret, my favourite type of food is Mexican. I love polenta and mixing it with a fire roasted chilli was genius! It’s almost like my mum’s chilli topped with warm jalapeno spiced corn bread. Perfect for individual portions as it reheats nicely for a lunch!

Oreo Chocolate Mousse Tart

Recipes with a twist - chocolate tart - recipes - appliance city

Bless my chocolate lovin’ heart. This recipe has all the makings of a perfect Sunday afternoon dessert. Who doesn’t love chocolate, and if you say me, we are so not friends. I love chocolate and this recipe from Baking Equals Love is the epitome of chocolate heaven. It has a crispy, crispy chocolatey crust and the middle is silken chocolate. Nothing could be better. Why not try it tonight?

So have you figured out what the twist is yet? No? These recipes look like they are absolutely delicious don’t they? They all are filling, full of flavour and perfect for any family. But here’s the kicker. They are all VEGAN, some are even gluten, dairy and/or egg free. In my last vegan post there were too many nay sayers who immediately turned down the recipes because they were vegan. Look past the word vegan, and try something new. You’ll never know what you’ll like until you try!

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