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National Punch Day Recipes – Cheers!

Raise a glass of homemade punch to celebrate Punch Day! Introduced to the British via India, punch quickly became a well loved drink and spread further afield as time went on.

Whether you’re making Sangria or kids fruit punch, nothing beats fresh, ice cold punch. So we went in search and we’ve scoured the internet in search of fantastic punches for every occasion and we’re pleasantly satisfied with the results. Choose one or make them all – get punching!

Strawberry Margarita Punch

Strawberry Margarita Punch. National Punch Day! | Appliance City - Recipes

We might as well start as we mean to carry on. While it looks like we may have an indian summer the weather will be turning colder before we know it. Those days when we wake and ice is frosted across our bedroom windows and it’s blowing a gusty gale outside, sipping one of these in the warmth of our home will get us that little bit closer to being on the beach. Just close your eyes and take a sip. This recipe from the Cookie Rookie will have you imagining you’re on the coast of Cozumel in no time.

Ocean Water

Ocean Water Punch. National Punch Day! | Appliance City - Recipes

No this isn’t a mason jar full of salty water that will make you sick it’s a coconut, lemon and lime (with a Swedish Fish) tasty sensation! The recipe is non-alcoholic but Fake Ginger suggests omitting the coconut extract in favour of Malibu rum for a fun, adults version. Perfect presentation and a refreshing taste make this perfect for parties.

Apple, Orange and Ginger Punch

Apple, Orange & Ginger Punch. National Punch Day! | Appliance City - Recipes

This beautiful punch recipe from is the prime barbecue punch. Refreshing with a kick in the tongue from the ginger, you’re guests will be clamoring for more. This can also be made family friendly by omitting the vodka, maybe adding a lemon lime soda instead.

Apple, Ginger and Cranberry Punch

Apple, Ginger & Cranberry Punch. National Punch Day! | Appliance City - Recipes

What a deliciously tempting treat! There are still a few more warm days left to this summer, why not enjoy the sunshine with a sip of this beautiful punch from What Katie Ate. A mixture of apple juice, cranberry juice, ginger ale and vodka, the recipe is incredibly simple and super refreshing.

“Ale”ments Punch

'Ale' ments Punch. National Punch Day! | Appliance City - Recipes

Now if we lived in a warm, tropical climate a blog full of ice cold, refreshing punches would be perfect. The reality is, it snowed in Birmingham in September. September!? Our summers are short lived, if we see them at all. There’s nothing better than this warm punch recipe from Delish to keep you feeling roasty, toasty when the wind is chilled and the glass is frosted. This “Ale”ment Punch is a tantalising combination of pale ale, dark rum, fresh apples and warm spices. Want to get in the Christmas mood? This drink is perfect!

Whether it’s ice cold cocktails, potent punches or warm hot toddy’s, drinks are the social lubricant of life. They bring parties together, make the laughs louder and jokes funnier. I digress, enjoy these drinks with or without alcohol, just as long as you enjoy!

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