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LG Washing Machine & Dryer Offers!

Appliance City - Offers

LG are now one of the world’s leading manufacturers of home appliances including a fantastic range of laundry products. Here at Appliance City we recommend LG products for their innovative features, superb design and great build quality. With LG – Life’s good!


LG steam technology offers remarkable savings in water and energy consumption using up to 29% less water and 20% less electricity when compared to a conventional 8kg capacity washing machine with an ‘A’ energy rating.  Our range of steam washing machines starts from only £549, like 8Kg, 1400 spin F1480TDS, in stock now for express delivery! We now also have in stock the latest 11Kg F1443KDS6 in stylish black, only £765!

Water & Energy Saving

Steam particles are smaller than water droplets and can penetrate fabrics better, this improves the washing performance and lowers the water consumption. Conventional washing machines consume more water than the LG Steam Direct Drive machines and they require more energy to heat and distribute the water.


The dual spray system simultaneously releases steam and water into the drum improving efficiency and using a smaller amount of water. These machines are ‘A++’ energy rated which is 20% more efficient than an ‘A’ class equivalent. The F1479FDS5 is a perfect example, in stunning silver and with a 9Kg drum, now only £599 and in stock for quick delivery…..

Allergy Care

The LG Steam system is designed to eradicate virtually all bacteria and germs from your wash. Steam is able to maintain the temperatures needed to properly sanitise your family’s clothing, eliminating dust particles, pollen and dust mites.


A combination of tiny steam particles and a ten minute spin at sixty degrees washes out 99.98% of annoying allergy enhancers from your clothes, sheets and towels.

The F1443KDS features both Direct Drive technology as well as steam functionality. It’s also perfect for family washes with a large 11Kg drum and priced at only £759 including free delivery!


What is the LG Direct Drive system?


The Direct Drive motor is state of the art technology, it integrates motor, belt and pulley into a single quiet, durable motor that is attached directly to the drum. Without a belt and pulley which can be found on conventional motors, the LG Direct Drive system reduces the possibility of defects, increases durability and because the motor is attached directly to the centre of the drum, it results in a more stable balancing system.

The LG Direct Drive motor comes with a free 10 year parts warranty showing just how confident LG are in the quality and reliability of the Direct Drive system. On conventional washing machines the motor is one of the most common reasons for having to call an engineer.



We have a wide range of Direct Drive washing machines in varying colours (like the stylish black finish on the F1479FDS6 now only £599 and the new F1443KD6 only £699), spin speeds and available in a range of drum sizes like the 9Kg F1479FDS, only £599 and the 11Kg F1443KD , only £649, both available with express delivery.


What are the advantages?


  •  Increased stability with minimum vibration
  • Reduced noise due to brushless motor
  • Increased durability due to less moving parts
  • Increased energy efficiency
  • 10 Years parts gurantee on the motor


LG Dryers and Energy Efficiency


Many LG dryers use the latest energy-saving technology to meet the Energy Saving Trust®’s Recommended scheme. LG dryers reduce the carbon emissions of your household, and lower your monthly energy bills. The RC9011A & RC9011C (now only £549 with free delivery) LG dryers are particularly efficient, with an ultra, 9kg-capacity that allows for more laundry in fewer loads—utilising advanced, energy-saving steam technology.

LG Dryer Designs


You can see the LG Design Philosophy at work in their full range of dryers. Sensor Dry technology—and an efficient tumble dry—are designed to fit every household’s unique needs. Simple, easy-to-read controls make doing the laundry a breeze. Their integrated electronic controls, compact designs, range of finishes, and ultra-large capacity blend seamlessly with the aesthetic of your home.

View full LG laundry range online now!

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