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LG TrueSteam Dishwasher Awarded Waterwise Recommended Checkmark!

LG Electronics has announced that its new TrueSteamTM Dishwasher (D1454BF) has been awarded the ‘Waterwise Recommended Checkmark’.  Using as little as 9 litres of water for a fully loaded dishwasher cycle – typically the same load would use up to 60 litres if washed by hand.

is an independent, not for profit organisation focused on decreasing water consumption in the UK and building the evidence base for large scale water efficiency; as such are the leading authority on water efficiency in the UK.  The Waterwise Recommended Checkmark is a progression from the previous Waterwise award, ‘the Marque’, over 70 Marques were awarded previously, across a broad spectrum of products from dishwashers to showerheads, from water storing gels for the garden to toilets.

Jacob Tompkins, Waterwise Managing Director says “Amazingly the UK has less available water per person than many Mediterranean countries and lots of the country is currently suffering drought. Smart technology and innovation can help us all save water in our homes and Waterwise is delighted that LG’s new dishwasher has been awarded the Waterwise Recommended Checkmark. The clever use of steam means it can wash 14 place settings worth of dishes with less than a washing up bowl of water, it’s a great combination of performance and water saving – that’s what water efficiency is all about”

Dishwashers are still seen as a non-essential appliance, still well under 50% penetration here in the UK, however recommendations from Energy & Water conservation bodies all help to emphasise that the investment of a dishwasher can indeed pay off in energy and utility bills and in turn help in the conservation of valuable resources.

Dawn Stockell, LG Marketing Communications Manager adds: “After introducing our TrueSteamTM dishwasher range back in October, we are delighted that it has been recommended by Waterwise, highlighting its excellent water efficiency in a time when utility costs are on the increase.” 

To find out more information about Waterwise and their recommended products, please go to:

For more information on Global Water Wastage & how to prevent it, please see information from Utility Bidder here:

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