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The iQ700 Built-in Appliance Range from Siemens

New Siemens iQ700

Introducing the most recent Siemens collection. The iQ700 range of built-in appliances will be available to purchase from Appliance City. After getting an exclusive first look at the recent range at a London event, we were all very excited about what this stunning and super sleek product range has to offer. So let’s get started and get to know the latest iQ700 range a little better…

The less ordinary kitchen experience – The Siemens iQ700 Ovens & the iQ700 Built-in Appliance Range

The Siemens iQ700 Built-in Appliance Range – Perfect built-in design

Thanks to the perfectly coordinated front panels, all of the appliances in the iQ700 built-in range can be arranged horizontally or vertically and still create a seamless design that complements every kitchen. Built and crafted using the finest materials, an iQ700 appliance is not just kitchen eye candy but is pleasure to use thanks to its premium steel control wheel, buttons and TFT TouchDisplay.

The Siemens iQ700 Built-in Appliance Range – VarioSpeed & 4D HotAir

VarioSpeed: Enjoy the freedom of cooking and save up to 50% of your precious time by using VarioSpeed. Using a combination of the integrated microwave function with a conventional cooking option, this innovative feature enables you to cook your dishes considerably quicker without compromising on the same great results.

4D HotAir: Cook your food on whichever shelf you wish and experience great cooking flexibility. The innovate technology of the fan motor enables superb and even temperature distribution in the interior of the oven. The result – food that turns out perfectly wherever you place it in the oven.

The Siemens iQ700 Built-in Appliance Range – RoastingSensor Plus

If you’re fond of a roast then you’ll love the RoastingSensor Plus. Giving you tastier and perfectly cooked food every time, the three measuring points within the roasting thermometer accurately and precisely measure the internal temperature of your meat, achieving the best roasting results ever. Ideal for meat, poultry and fish, there’s no second guessing with the RoastingSensor Plus and it can even be used with integrated microwave and PulseSteam functions.

The Siemens iQ700 Built-in Appliance Range – ActiveClean

Cook up a storm without worrying about the mess, now no matter how creative you get in the kitchen you can be happy in the knowledge that at the touch of a button you can get it clean again. The ActiveClean function uses pyrolytic technology which heats the oven up to very high temperatures, turning all residues into a fine ash which can be wiped away with ease. Unlike before, the telescopic rails are pyrolytic proof so it’s never been keep the whole of your oven looking spotless.

The Siemens iQ700 Built-in Appliance Range – TFT Touchdisplay

It’s bigger, brighter and better – say hello to the new TFT Touchdisplay Plus! The simple menu structure is easy to use and navigate, meaning you can use the oven to its full capacity and be fully in control of your cooking.

The Siemens iQ700 Built-in Appliance Range – Coffee Centre

The range of iQ700 coffee machines offer a wide range of hot beverages at the touch of button. Whether you like a strong Ristretto or a frothy Cappuccino the oneTouch Function allows you to enjoy your favourite blend quickly and easily. Built with the finest materials, a Siemens coffee machine is the perfect addition to a modern kitchen and complete with the TFT Touchdisplay, it’s not only great to look at but easy to use too.

The new iQ700 Coffee Centres with TFT Touchdisplay from Siemens | Appliance City

For more information on the new Siemens iQ700 Ovens and the iQ700 Built-in Appliance Range which will be available at Appliance City very soon,  just give our friendly team  call who would be happy to help. 01159 965 1937

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