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How about your clothes cleaned.. American style. Say hello to Maytag

American Laundry Style at Appliance City

Maytag, a true American brand originally from Iowa back in an entirely different century. They have been making appliances since 1893… Back in the days when sheriffs ruled the roost on horses and Americans across the land were chasing the gold dream.

Skip a few years to around the 1930’s and Maytag were producing the top loading machine in bulk, event to homes without electricity!



Move forward to the 1960’s and 1970’s and top loading washing machines are mass produced around the world, all top loading and in a variety of colours, including this lovely looking avocado green!



In 2014, Maytag are still delivering top quality washing machines and dryers in the American style top loaders. What can you expect from a new Maytag Washing Machine or Tumble Dryer?



As well as a modern design twist onto a classic retro machine, both machines give you a 10.5kg load.. So what goes into the washing machine can go into the tumble dryer! Top loading washing machines can help people with any mechanical problems, backs and knees can saved from bending down to a standard front loader.



If you need a top loader then Maytag should be the first place to look. You can view both machines by clicking on the links below or view the entire Maytag range, for any further questions call our sales team on 01159 651937.

Maytag Washing Machine – 3LMVWC400YW
Maytag Tumble Dryer – 3LMEDC300YW

Rest of the Maytag Range

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