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Gorenje Volkswagen Bulli

Gorenje have teamed up with Volkswagen to combine the iconic design of the 60s with the sophisticated technology of today. This new model is part of Gorenje’s best-selling retro collection and is based on the ORB freestanding fridge. This model is available in a classy pair of colourways fitting of the vintage design; baby blue and red. Both colours look stunning. With the iconic VW badge placed in the middle of the fridge freezer and a large dash of colour covering ¾’s of the appliance this fridge is the perfect edition to any kitchen.

With Volkswagen being one of the strongest brands in the world, Gorenje have really stepped up their game when it comes to this partnership. As the producer of the original retro fridge, there is no better way for Gorenje to complement their product than with the beloved and iconic VW campervan and you should be excited, they look great.  This fridge is more than just vintage styling though, this special edition appliance boasts the highest achievable energy-efficiency rating (A+++), it also has a gross capacity of 260litres and includes IonAir and DynamiCooling food preservation technology.

You don’t have to be a Volkswagen fanatic or a passionate driver to enjoy this fridge. It will add an instant touch of individual style, freedom and adventure to any kitchen. It is not just about style; this fridge is designed with the same Gorenje quality when it comes to keep your food fresh and full of vital nutrients.


IonAir technology creates the ideal microclimate in new Gorenje refrigerators. It operates on the principle of natural process of ionisation which naturally eliminates odours, providing the best protection for food and its freshness. IonAir means the refrigerator becomes the perfect environment for foods such as vegetables, cheese, eggs and salads.


DynamiCooling is the ventilation system which contributes to constant and even circulation of cool air, thanks to an advanced fan. In combination with IonAir technology, it creates natural microclimate inside the refrigerator and destroys up to 95% of bacteria and odours.

So, whether you’re a VW fan or simply want a best seller for your kitchen, the new Gorenje Volkswagen Bulli fridge is a purchase worth having. We have both the baby blue and red models available online or on the phone. If you require more information on this fridge or any of Gorenje’s range of appliances, give a member of our team a call. They are always happy to help 🙂 0115 965 1937

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