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4 Ways to Go Organic on a Budget

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The Soil Association has dubbed September, National Organic month. In our support of this earth saving cause, we’re giving you a list of the ways you can make your life more organic.


Ways to Go Organic:

Grow Your Own Fruits and Vegetables

Getting your fruits and veg from your local supermarket might be easy and convenient but it also may carry a huge environmental footprint. Growing your own can be done even if you don’t have massive garden space or an allotment. You can easily grown tomatoes in a planter, runner beans in a long trough planters and even potatoes in deep pots.

Appliance City - Food & Home

Fresh herbs can be grown somewhere as simple as in your kitchen window. The options are endless. Not keen on gardening or like me not have a green thumb? Getting your fruits and vegetables from local farmers usually mean they are fresher, more flavourful and support our local growers!

Buy in Season

If you are just keen on gardening, you can still easily go organic.  Keep yourself up to date on what fruits and veg are in season. Not only will buying seasonal fruits and veg keep your grocery costs down but they can usually easily be found at your local farmers market for an even bigger bargain!

Getting Organic Meats

Unfortunately, getting organic meats is usually less cost effective than non-organic meats. This is especially true if getting them from the supermarket. Liebherr’s Biofresh technology doesn’t just work for fruits and veg but also for meat and dairy as well. This means money well spent for you and less waste for the planet. Looking to save on organic meats?

Appliance City - Food & Home

This can be done, by going straight to local farmers for organic meat. Not only is this cost effective but most times you can buy your meat in bulk and stock your freezer for the coming holidays and months ahead.

Order your Veg to be Delivered

Not sure where to begin with organic fruits and vegetables? Thanks to our generation of convenience getting organic fresh fruits and vegetables delivered has never been easier. There are tons of companies out there that will deliver fresh seasonal fruits to your door. This isn’t as budget friendly as going to your local farmers market or growing your own but it takes all the difficulty of knowing what’s in season and what to buy out of the equation.

Appliance City - Food & Home

My favourite fresh fruits and vegetables delivery company has to be Abel and Cole. Not only can you get seasonal fruits and veg but you can also get meats and recipe boxes as well. Looking to add some variety to your cooking whilst also going organic this is the way to go!

Bein more organic is more than just about the food we eat, but it is a great place to start. Organic fruits and vegetables more often than not come from fair-trade farms that are sustainable and good for the planet.  Getting your fruits and veggies from your local farm shop is not only easy on the pocket, but they also contain much less chemicals and support the local economy.  Keeping fruits and veggies fresh for longer than a few days can sometimes be a challenge, but thanks to Liebherr and their Biofresh technology that struggle is a thing of the past.

Liebherr’s Biofresh technology keeps your fruits and vegetables fresh for up to three times longer than standard fridge freezers. Going organic was never easier than with Liebherr’s fridge freezer line. Plus with A++ energy ratings you’re not only going organic but being extremely energy efficient as well! Want to know more? View the vid!


Going organic might be a bit scary and a little nerve wracking but with the help of Liebherr, Appliance City and a bit of resolve you too can do your bit to help save the planet!

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