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Fisher & Paykel ActiveSmart Fridge Freezers Explained

How ActiveSmart Works:

ActiveSmart consists of a microprocessor, door and temperature sensors, independently controlled variable speed fans and multiple air ducts. The microprocessor controls how the refrigerator generates based on changing patterns of use. The sensors continually send information to the microprocessor, which analyses and adjusts the fan speed and compressor operations, to deliver optimum results. Cool air is distributed evenly and efficiently through multiple air ducts creating a consistent stable temperature throughout your refrigerator and freezer, keeping your food fresher for longer.

ActiveSmart Features:

ActiveSmart has a number of unique features that deliver the best possible food care.

The Humidity Control System creates the perfect micro climate in each produce bin. The humidity control lid protects fresh produce from dryer refrigerator air keeping it fresher for longer. Two humidity control slides offer settings for both fruit and vegetables to retain moisture and freshness.

Independent Variable Speed Fans control air flow through multiple air ducts in the refrigerator and freezer. This means greater control when new items are introduced to either compartment as well as rapid chill and freezing to maintain food quality.

Temperature and Door Sensors constantly record changes to fridge and freezer compartments including when the doors are opened and new items are introduced. This information is continuously communicated to the microprocessor which, in conjunction with the variable speed fans, ensures each compartment is kept uniform at 0 – 4 degrees Celsius.

Adaptive Defrost means that there is no need for vacation mode settings. The microprocessor will select the best time to defrost based on how it is being used. It will recognise lower usage when you are away, saving energy by defrosting less often.

Ice and Water
models have fully integrated indoor water dispensing and internal ice making that doesn’t use any space in your refrigerator providing maximum food storage. The slim line water touch pad means any size or shaped vessel can be filled with chilled filtered water. The ice maker is housed above the freezer and can fill various sized bins for customised storage.

Ergonomic Design – Wide opened spaces and numerous shelving options allow for easy customisation. Secure glass shelving prevents drips and spills falling on items stored below. Quality extension runners allow you to remove storage bins and trays for easy loading and unloading.

ActiveSmart Benefits:

The challenge in any refrigerator is to maintain a stable temperature and even distribution of cool air throughout each compartment. ActiveSmart variable speed fans and multiple air ducts ensure a stable and even temperature throughout your fridge and freezer. Wherever you place your food, ActiveSmart delivers better food care. ActiveSmart does the thinking for you, automatically adjusting the temperature based on what’s inside as well as adapting to different climates and seasonal changes. So no matter what is happening on the outside ActiveSmart will only use the energy required for great temperature control on the inside. Food needs to be chilled quickly in both the fridge and freezer compartments to preserve quality and ensure food safety. ActiveSmart responds quickly to change by rapidly cooling new items being stored. Better food preservation means produce stays fresher for longer minimising food waste so you can get the most out of each shop.

ActiveSmart Family:

We all know every kitchen is different, the ActiveSmart family offers multiple configurations along with a choice of finishes to integrate seamlessly into new and existing kitchen designs.

Cooldrawer combines ActiveSmart technology with a multi temperature draw based fridge which can be placed anywhere in the kitchen, home or entertainment area.

French Door fridges maximise space as well as access bringing theatre into the kitchen through extra wide open shelve spaces and flush mounted ice and water functions.

Bottom Freezer models are designed for what you use most often. The upper refrigerator enables easy access to everyday items as well as ergonomic glass shelves and storage bins that can be configured to suit every lifestyle.

Top Freezer models are a classic configuration ideally suited for those who use their freezer as much as their refrigerator.

In the end it is all about what’s important to you. Whether your preference is freestanding or integrated, under worktop or built in, there is a Fisher & Paykel ActiveSmart refrigerator designed to suit every home.

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