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De Dietrich 2017 collection…

De Dietrich are a well-established brand who have been around for over 300 years. Entering the world of the consumer durables market; producing stoves, cookers, wooden furniture and cast iron bath tubs back in 1902. In 1910, The Mertzwiller Cooker was launched – the first wood and coal cooker putting De Dietrich on the map for kitchen appliances. Since then De Dietrich have grown into a reputable brand known for their innovative design, style and functionality.

Their new 2017 collection has been turning heads. Sleek, stylish and innovative, this collection will look perfect in any and every kitchen. De Dietrich have designed four collections; platinum, pure white, iron grey and absolute black. Each collection is designed with nothing but the best quality materials and innovative technology. We are due to have a selection of their new range in our showroom so you will soon be able to see and feel the quality for yourself. The copper element is really beautiful and so different from anything we have seen before.

The collections…

The Platinum collection is a fusion of materials and textures enhanced by cutting edge finishes in the stunning copper dials. Revisiting steel, glass, stainless steel and copper through the eyes of a master craftsman (their words) De Dietrich has transformed raw materials into breathtaking results. And to be honest, these collections are stunning! This platinum collection is a uniquely sophisticated collection at the cutting edge of technology.

A few models…

DOP7574X – Built-in pyrolytic multi-function single oven
DWD7400B – 14cm warming drawer
DKC7340X – Built-in combi microwave for tall housing
DHV7962X – 90cm decorative cooker hood
DPI7686XS – 65cm 4 zone HoriZone induction hob

The Absolute Black collection is designed in a deep and glossy black, bringing a subtle and refined touch to the finest kitchens. This collection is a fusion of materials and textures such as cast iron and glass, adding a touch of sophistication to even the most elegant of living spaces thanks to an intensely deep black and meticulous copper finishing. I cannot stress enough how stunning the copper looks in all four of these collections.

A few models…

DKC7340A – Built-in combi microwave for tall housing
DOP7350A – Built-in pyrolytic multi-function single oven
DWD7400B – 14cm warming drawer
DPI7689XS – 65cm 4 zone HoriZone induction hob
DHD7961B – 88cm downdraft extractor

The Iron Grey collection is a shade of intensive grey sublimated by a chromium finish, the expression of an innovative and exclusive design. Combining the elegance of iron grey with subtle touches of copper enhanced stainless steel, this collection reflects the true extent of the brands excellence and innovative nature in design and technology.

A few models…

DKC7340G Built-in combi microwave for tall housing
DOP7574G – Built-in pyrolytic multi-function single oven
DWD7400G – 14cm warming drawer
DHB7952G – 90cm chimney hood
DPI7670G – 65cm 4 zone induction hob

The Pure White collection has been reinvented by De Dietrich, adding purity and elegance to the colour, this collection has the most beautiful values. Honouring the colour to the very fullest extent. This collection reflects an unparalleled expertise and perfect command of materials evoking wonderful emotions. Stunning, classic, elegant.

A few models…

DKC7340W – Built-in combi microwave for tall housing
DOP7350W – Built-in pyrolytic multi-function single oven
DWD7400W – 14cm warming drawer
DPI7670W – 65cm 4 zone induction hob
DHB7952W – 90cm chimney hood

The Philosophy of excellence…

Multi-function plus
Multi-function plus is an association of 3 heating elements and the fan at the same time, accelerates the cooking cycle with its perfect heat distribution. Enabling you to cook different types of food that need different cooking results.

Chef is a 100% automatic cooking mode for those who want the perfect cooking results every single time. This mode sets all the cooking parameters from time to the temperature. No pre-heating necessary. Simply choose the dish and let the chef do the rest. Perfect results, every time you cook.

Culinary guide
This guide is a semi-automatic cooking mode. You simply pick the dish you want to cook, input the weight and the oven does the rest. Sounds good, right? Choose from 15, 35 or 50 dishes.

Low temperature cooking
Low temperature cooking is another 100% automatic cooking function that delivers incomparable results. This function allows food to be cooked over a longer period to maintain more flavour and tenderness. Endorsed by chefs, low temperature cooking will help you rediscover the taste of good food.

Pastry function
This function has 14 automatic pastry cooking methods from the very best of the French pastry heritage. You create your own recipe and let this function do the rest. Oooo la la!

Auto pan detection
This function detects when a suitable pan is placed on the cooking zone and so eliminates the possibility of the hob being activated accidentally by a non-suitable object. Or a little set of hands.

This function calls back the power and timer settings in case of an accidental stop of the appliance. So, when those more than annoying power cuts take place from time to time, you can rely on the recall function.

This function indicates the heating zone which is best suited to the size of the pot, which maximises efficiency.

This function offers the advantages of being able to move its pan from one zone to another while maintaining the same parameters at the press of one button.

Boil function
This function I guess it’s self-explanatory. This setting takes away the guess work for boiling certain foods. Simply set the volume of water to be bought to the boil and once food is added just set the desired cooking time.

These collections are worth seeing for yourself. They really are stunning and will look perfect in any and every kitchen. With fantastic build quality and the stunning copper touch to the controls, which may I add, no other appliances have this unique design, they really are worth considering. They will add the finest touch of elegance to your kitchen.

If you require any more information on De Dietrich’s new 2017 collection don’t hesitate to give us a call. Our sales team are always happy to help 🙂 0115 965 1937.


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