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Appliance City Energy Saving Trust Recommended

Appliance City - Food & Home

Appliance City is now a member of Energy Saving Trust Recommended!

Energy Saving Trust Recommended is a product certification and labelling scheme that highlights products that are amongst the most energy efficient on the market and will help consumers to save energy in the home.

With more than 18 years’ experience in advising consumers about energy efficiency, the Energy Saving Trust is nationally renowned for its expertise in this field. They are justifiably proud of the scheme – and consumers recognise them as being a brand that is trusted and impartial.

Certifying products with Energy Saving Trust Recommended shows that they have met the highest of standards on energy efficiency performance and are certified by an independent body, sending a powerful message to customers.

Only products that have met these strict energy saving criteria can use the Energy Saving Trust Recommended label. Energy Saving Trust Recommended are committed to supporting manufacturers, suppliers and retailers in raising the profile of energy saving products.

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