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A new range of Whirlpool…

Whirlpool are an incredibly recognised brand worldwide with over 100 years of experience in the market. They have an array of brands under their belt such as Hotpoint, Maytag and KitchenAid just to name a few you may recognise. Innovative, reliable and affordable, you can rely on Whirlpool to deliver you quality appliances.

6th sense…
So, Whirlpool’s latest range of appliances include their advanced 6th sense technology. First introduced by Whirlpool in 1994, it has now been adapted and bought into the 21st century, bringing you technology that is designed to enhance your everyday living. Their 6th sense intelligent sensors adapt resources giving you the perfect wash, dry, cooling and cooking experience day to day.

Whirlpool’s supreme care range is the best washing and drying experience at a whisper. Two masterpieces with one superior style. Both elegant in design and flawless performance.

Whirlpool’s 6th sense washing machines have an array of fantastic features, giving your clothes the washing experience they deserve.

Zen Technology ensures Whirlpool’s appliances have the lowest sound levels on the market, so you can enjoy the extra peace and quiet, regardless of how hectic your lifestyle may be.

Precision dose technology provides an excellent washing efficiency allowing you to save up to an impressive 12 litres of detergent per year.

Precision cleans powerful water jets focus directly on any pesky stains providing outstanding washing results every time. So those muddy football kits, paint covered table cloths and stinky pet beds will be a breeze to get clean.

6th sense live washers and dryers are connected, allowing them to automatically set the drying cycle to provide optimal performance and ideal results for each specific laundry load. You can effortlessly control and coordinate the cycles remotely using the app, using it for your own convenience, when it suits you.

Soft move is a customised drum movement feature which ensures your clothing receive all the care they deserve, every time they are washed.

Fresh care+ is a delicate steam and tumbling action which takes care of your laundry inside the washing machine. It uses a series of precise and variable drum movements alternated with steam jets at regular intervals to circulate the air in the drum, creating the perfect level of humidity to keep your garments nice and fresh.

Steam care enables you to enjoy fresh, ready to wear clothing at any time thanks to the natural cleaning power of steam. Removing unwanted odours and any lurking bacteria.

3Dry technology provides a multidimensional airflow system, with warm air delicately projected from the lifter and from various points inside the drum. Enjoy the ideal care and excellent drying results every single time.

 Wool excellence is one of the best wool programs on the market. It provides delicate and efficient care to your woollens without using any additional accessories. So, you can rest assured the quality of your favourite woollen sweater will come out of the dryer the same way it went in.

Ultimate laundry technologies…

Tailored care for any fabric…
With the new SoftMove system the drum performs a series of movements adaptable to every fabric type. Whether you have cottons, sportswear, wool or silks your clothing will be cared for with every wash. By using different drum movements for each phase of the wash cycle – from initial water intake to the final spin, your clothing no matter what colour, fabric or shape, are taken care of ensuring impeccable results every time.

Perfect clean at 15°C instead of 40°C…
This perfect washing cycle retains the original beauty and colour in your clothing, working at 15°C it guarantees the same performance and quality wash as a 40°C wash cycle. SoftMove and customised drum movements means clothes move loosely inside the drum to absorb detergent better for a more effective wash even at much lower temperatures.

Adapts cleaning power according to your needs…
Clean+ customises the wash cycle according to the level of soiling. You can select from three dirt levels to perfectly wash and refresh all clothing items. Simply choose from intense, daily and fast cycles. Choose the cycle to match your washing needs.

Advanced motor for long lasting performance…
Whirlpool’s electronic motor is at the heart of the machine to ensure the extended, excellent performance of your washer. It is designed to be long lasting, extremely quiet and advanced. The SenseInvertor motor provides energy efficiency with a 30% saving compared with an A+++ performance machine.

Designed for comfort and eye catching appeal…
FreshCare+ provides an intuitive and easy-to-use interface which simplifies user interaction and delivers a pleasant washing experience. With a wide door, portable and integrated ergonomic handle, it’s designed for ease and everyday use. The perfect addition to any household.

Thanks to Whirlpool’s ground-breaking 6th sense technology, discover your perfect washing cycle, consistently delivering outstanding results, regardless of the type of load. The supreme clean dishwasher is the ultimate dishwasher, with outstanding cleaning results with up to 50% savings in both time and water consumption.

PowerClean Pro is the unparalleled cleaning solution that removes even the toughest stains, while providing up to 30% extra space.

PowerDry allows for supreme cleaning and drying in just one hour. Yes, you read it right, one hour! The ultimate spotless cleaning and drying in just one hour even on those annoying plastic items.

The new Whirlpool dishwashers now save resources without compromising on performance. They use just 6 litres of water per cycle, delivering perfect results every single time. I guess you could say outstanding results and savings.

Complete loading flexibility with the innovative PowerClean loading system ensures up to 30% extra space. The flexible loading design allows up to 15 place settings on the upper rack. Don’t dread loading the dishwasher anymore.

Whirlpool’s dual supreme NoFrost refrigeration enables food to stay twice as fresh no matter which shelf you use. With unique technology and outstanding design, Whirlpools 6th sense refrigeration provides the ideal solution for your food storage needs. The innovative NoFrost technology ensures the perfect storage temperature is maintained in all the appliances compartments, providing you with the perfect preservation and with no need to defrost again. Hallelujah! Now for some features;

FreshControl technology ensures there is constant, ideal humidity levels which keeps your food fresh for up to six times longer than an average fridge freezer.

FreezeControl technology effectively protects your frozen food, minimising freeze burns by 60%. Thanks to its innovative reduced temperature fluctuation system, it now means your frozen food will remain the same way you bought it.

The Activ0° compartment has a unique design that preserves meat and fish at you’ve guessed it – 0°. This maintains the texture, taste and nutritional values of the meat and fish, meaning when you eat it, it still holds all its goodness.

The 6th sense fresh control advanced sensors constantly check temperature and humidity levels inside the entire fridge cavity, restoring the conservation temperature 5 times faster, and actively setting the right humidity level.

StopFrost technology means you can defrost in just one minute. The StopFrost device collects frost and means defrosting takes just one minute simply by cleaning the shelf under the tap. Freeing your freezer from frost has never been so simple and easy.

The latest Whirlpool fridge freezers are stylish and super flexible inside. Your food is now easier to store than ever thanks to Whirlpool’s innovative interior design. With a combination of both shelf and bottle racks it improves the space optimisation in the door.

So, there you have it. A little insight into Whirlpool’s innovative 6th sense technology amongst other intuitive features.

If you require any more information on Whirlpool’s latest range please give a member of our sales team a call. They are always happy to help 🙂 0115 965 1937

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