Our Whirlpool Tumble Dryers consists of a fantastic range of condenser dryers. And as they don’t need venting outside, you can put them anywhere inside the house! Heat pump condensers are even more efficient; reusing heat to make them super economical even if the cycles last longer. Whirlpool’s dryers make use of their innovative 6th Sense technology, which actively monitors the load. The 3Dry system flows warm air over the laundry. Wave motion technology ensures the drum moves in an asymmetric pattern to distribute the clothes and look out for the clever Connectivity function. This allows remote monitoring using an app on a smartphone or tablet. If you're in need of some inspiration or have any questions, scroll down to our informational resources to see if it hasn't been answered already.

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Our range of tumble dryers has got some of the best available on the market, including top brands like Hotpoint, Siemens and LG. Check out our entire range of laundry appliances here. We have ranges of washing machines and washer dryers as well as the tumble dryers above. With cooking, refrigeration and extraction appliances available on our website too, you can kit out the whole house for a great price at Appliance City!

Everything you need to know about Tumble Dryers

Simple instructions for installing both condenser and vented tumble dryers.
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