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Is it better to buy kitchen appliances in a bundle?

If you’re looking for multiple kitchen appliances, you’re probably worried about the cost. No matter what brands, colours or features you go for, the prices will always start adding up.

That’s why we think it’s best to always buy a kitchen appliance package. Not only will it save you money, the entire process will be so much easier.  

5 reasons why kitchen appliance packages are good!

Now these are in no particular order. We think that different people will take their own positives and negatives out of their kitchen appliances. Whether you prefer brand consistency, or you prefer save money (but who doesn’t), it’s up to you!

1. Consistency across style

Buying your appliances all together means that you’ll be making a design choice all at once. Rather than building yourself a kitchen set as and when you need the appliances, you’ll be preparing and researching on how the entire appliance set will look.

So you’ll be able to choose whether you go for classic stainless steel or luxurious graphite, all in one go. You could also choose from one collection of appliances, like Smeg’s Linea range which builds its own style through one stainless steel line.

2. Consistency across brands!

This is a big one for some people. Similar to my first point, choosing the same brand consistently is all about style—but it’s also about technology and reliability.

You’ll know if you’re bothered about brand consistency. Some people like to go for a Miele kitchen package bundle. They’ll choose from this brand for the outstanding quality and customer service.

Or some people would prefer to go for a Samsung kitchen appliance set. Samsung are a world renowned brand that people know and trust, and they have an appliance for every part of your kitchen. Even your vacuum cleaner.

To top it off, you can keep everything simple with your chosen brand’s Wi-Fi Connectivity app. Bosch have HomeConnect, LG have LGThinq and many many more. Choosing one brand for your kitchen appliance package will keep all your connectivity all in one place. And if you’re looking at building your smart home, this is something you should think about when buying your kitchen appliances.

3. Ease of delivery

Generally speaking with a kitchen appliance package, you’re appliances should all come at once. You’ll not have to worry about taking deliveries over multiple days, weeks or even months. You’ve bought it all from one place, meaning convenient and simple delivery.

And if you buy your kitchen package from Appliance City, you’ll save extra money with free delivery (excluding Scotland). Add on helpful services like old appliance recycling and you’re onto a winner!

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4. You save money

Cost is the biggest pain point for people when it comes to a new kitchen. Premium appliance brands carry a high price tag no matter where you look, and the higher spec models can be even pricier but the appliances are often the most important element. When building a package we look at the cost price of each individual model as well as the overall value of the order, and we’ll reduce the prices accordingly to ensure you get a better deal. The more appliances you buy, the bigger the overall saving!

This reduction in price is often dependent on the manufacturer and the type of appliance you’re buying.

5. You could get promotional add ons!

View our latest promotions on kitchen appliances

Sometimes brands have special promotions on that mean you can either get additional cashback, items or warranties. This is definitely a way you can make your appliance buying journey more enjoyable!

Certain promotions offer things such as a speaker, or a BBQ kit with a cooker. Or some brands offer big lumps of cashback with their appliances.

You can view our promotions page here. Great for an added little bonus on top of your buy!

6. You’ll have peace of mind

Appliances are essential items to your everyday life. When you don’t have a fridge, a cooker or a washing machine, life can become really difficult quite fast. Getting all of your appliances in a package, delivered all at one time, gives you and your family peace of mind in your day to day.

Our Multibuy – the ultimate kitchen bundle tool

Appliance city displaying different range of appliances

Our Multibuy tool is the answer to an easy peasy lemon squeezy kitchen appliance package. Not only is it easy to use, you can tailor it to your own needs, rather than the needs of the retailer.

Most retailers offer appliance bundles as a brand package, which is great. But if you don’t like the specific look of a model, or a certain model has bad reviews, it’s easy to be put off by these bundles. That’s why we let you choose.

With our Multibuy kitchen package creator, you can choose the exact models you want so you can get the best deal.

When to not go for a bundle…

1. When you’re buying a bundle for the sake of it

Getting your appliances to match seamlessly and having all the same brand features may seem like a great idea. But if you’re buying a new dishwasher and hob because you’re buying a new fridge freezer, you’re spending money you don’t have to.

Home appliances have a much longer life than you think. By frantically replacing appliance you’re cutting off a lot of good years of use, and spending extra money you don’t need to. Keep it simple and buy one appliance when its required.

2. When the bundle gives you limited model options

A lot of appliance retailers give you set bundles or packages. You could get an essentials bundle such as a fridge freezer, oven and hob. Or you could get a cooking pack including an oven, hob and hood. These appliance sets can come in a variety of options of colours, sizes, integrations and fuel types.

However, there might be one particular model that you don’t like the colour of; or you’ve seen a few bad reviews of it. Buying an appliance you don’t actually like, or of poor quality might mean you want to replace it earlier than you expect. This will cost you money later down the line. It’s best to shop around and find exactly what models and specifications you want.

That’s why we kept our Multibuy simple. You can choose your favourite appliances, and still get a fantastic deal.

3. When you’re not sure 100% about your appliances

Generally you only get new appliances when you need to. Unless you’re impulse buying a new Smeg toaster, or upgrading your TV. So if you’re not completely sure on your appliances, it’s best to not buy until you’re ready.

Appliances can be complex things, with lots of features and jargon to accompany them. If you’re at all confused, and don’t feel like you can confidently buy, why not try chatting to one of our sales experts? They’re honest, with over 35 years of experience in the business. They’ll ask all the right questions to make sure you get the appliance, or appliances, you need. Just give us a call on 0115 965 1937.

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