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Elica: Discovering innovation and elegance

Elica Extraction

An Introduction to Elica

The Elica Group President Francesco Casoli once proudly said ‘We are the AIRchitects’. One of the most popular cooker hood brands at Appliance City, Elica are an Italian brand who focus on innovation, quality and aesthetics. The company was founded in 1970, shortly after that Ermanno Casoli created his very first hood and since then the drive and commitment to pushing the boundaries of air filtration hasn’t ceased. From their original cooker hood design Elica have always strived to enhance the quality of the kitchen environment. From the beauty of their designs to reducing the sound levels, the quality of the materials to the ease of installation. All of these factors are designed to improve the customers well being. They also created the world’s first aspirating induction hob; the NikolaTesla.


Above all else, Elica have higher than market standards in air purification. Their latest technology can achieve filtering thresholds of 82% where the market average is just 60%. Here we take a look at some of our favourite new designs from Elica, from ceiling hoods to induction hobs there really is something for everyone…

NikolaTesla Switch

Elica have truly revolutionised the daily cooking experience with their NikolaTesla collection. One of their latest innovations is the NikolaTesla Switch. Clean lines and an ultra modern appearance are paired with the highest quality materials and the newest technology. The induction hob is elegant, streamlined and the extraction area is cleverly disguised by a glass and cast iron ring. Powerful and exceptionally quiet, you can purify the air in your kitchen quickly and efficiently. The continuous surface is easy to wipe clean and the digital display is invisible when in stand-by mode. This product is available in black or white with either polished steel or cast iron details. You can also choose between ducted or recirculated versions of the NikolaTesla Switch depending on your requirements.

NikolaTesla Switch


NikolaTesla Libra

Another fantastic addition to the Elica range is the NikolaTesla Libra. This model offers all the usual benefits of an induction hob plus the unique air filtration method. It is also the first induction hob to have integrated weighing scales. Following the steps of a recipe has never been easier! Add food directly to the pot at any temperature, you can add ingredients in one go or add as you cook using the different weighing functions. An intuitive digital slider control operates the cooking and extraction functions with ease. Simply rest the pot on the cast iron grille to activate the weighing function. There are ducted and recirculated options available to suit your kitchens needs.

NikolaTesla Libra


Cloud Seven

If you prefer a ceiling extractor then Elica also offer a wide variety in different colours, sizes and styles. Cloud Seven is one of the latest ceiling extractors, finished in stainless steel it is available in both ducted or recirculated options. Pictured below, the built in ducted version has a stylish appearance and has an extraction rate of 490m³ per hour. LED lighting illuminates the work surface below and the extractor has a perimeter aspiration. This cost effective model allows you to remove cooking odours and steam from the kitchen with an A+ energy efficiency rating. This ensures your bills and energy usage remain low.



Looking for a more discreet ceiling extractor? If so then Illusion would be ideal for you! There are two finishes to choose from; white with a white frame or stainless steel with a customisable centre panel which you can paint to match to your ceiling. This allows flexibility and ensures you can create a seamless look. Illusion can be installed in even the most confined ceiling spaces as it has a low height motor. Not only does it look stylish, you can also rely on Illusion for its powerful extraction rate of up to 770m³ per hour. Ensure the right ambience with the LED lighting. You can adjust the lighting to your preference, whether you need bright task lighting or softer lighting for dining and entertaining.



Coming Soon

Elica have many more amazing products in the pipeline. Keep your eyes peeled for the next innovative and elegant products coming to our website very soon! In the meantime if you require any help or advice then why not give our friendly sales team a call on 0115 965 1937? Our knowledgable team are more than happy to talk you through the best options for your kitchen. Find out more reasons to shop at Appliance City today!

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