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Mixing & Matching Appliance Brands: Is it okay?

One of the biggest concerns when buying appliances is that if they’ll look good. Because let’s be honest, appliances aren’t always the most attractive of things. But when they do look good, they really stand out and make an incomplete kitchen whole!

And a lot of people love to see that uniform, elegant look between a set of kitchen appliances. For example, the below kitchen style from the world renowned LG.

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However, a lot of people, and maybe I’m one of them, aren’t too bothered. An appliance is an appliance, it’ll get a job done, even if it doesn’t look fantastic on the outside.

This is where mixing and matching appliance brands comes in. You can choose to stick with one brand, which makes life a lot easier for you. Or you can mix up the brands to suit your needs. It can be difficult to choose from such a variety of brands before making a purchase. However, there are a few choices you can make prior to make the end look a lot more consistent.

Mixing & Matching With Colours

Appliances come in so many different shapes, styles and finishes. Sometimes it’s difficult to decide on one, never mind lots at once. If you’ve decided to mix & match brands, choosing appliances of the same colour and finish will really give them a uniform look once in place.

Stainless steel appliances

By far the most popular style of appliance, the stainless steel look is classic and suits so many colour cupboards, floors etc. We do see that the shade of steel varies, but only ever so slightly. So it’ll always be easy to mix & match stainless steel appliances from different brands.

Black appliances

Black appliances are a little trickier. You can get plain black, or you can get black steel, and then there’s a number of other black shades across brands. Black steel is a much newer colour on the market, and can often vary across brands. We’d recommend trying to go for the same brands when choosing black appliances, or at least do your research on the tone of the colour.

White appliances

Similar to stainless steel, white is white. There’s generally no difference between the whites that are on offer from brands, as they’re considered to be the budget option available. White fits in well with lighter cabinetry, but would perhaps stick out like a sore thumb with black or much darker cabinets.

If you’re looking to mix & match brands, white is a really good, safe, choice.

Mixing & Matching For Features

It’s a well-known fact that brands compete when it comes to unique features. So there is a huge variety of features that are only on certain brands—making them unique or more desirable than other models. This is the case for features such as Slide & Hide by Neff.

However, brands are incredibly quick to create their own versions of competitor features. For example, the Auto Dose feature on washing machines is a twenty first century appliance development. Once one brand started doing it, the rest followed. Giving you the option to choose almost every brand for a more efficient and less waste wash.

Mixing and matching appliances allows you to pick and choose exactly what features you prefer, rather being locked into one appliances version of the feature, or not having it at all.

The conclusion?

Mixing and matching appliance brands gives you no limits on what you can do in the kitchen. And it’s not as difficult as you think to choose similar colours and get beneficial features. On the flip side, choosing one brand and sticking to it gives you an easier selection to pick from. You’ll get harmony across your appliance appearance too.

Pros of Mixing & Matching:

  • You can pick and choose the best appliance features
  • It’s much easier to choose appliances that fit your kitchen style
  • You should have no problem getting appliances in stock*
  • It’s easier to save money across brands
  • You can get as just as good appearance & harmony across colours

Cons of Mixing & Matching:

  • Not always cheaper than a singular brand
  • Needs more research to achieve consistency across colour
  • Certain brands may not be as dependable as others

*Stock is hard to come by due to ongoing issues with the coronavirus pandemic and component problems. If you’re browsing our website, make sure to look for the green ‘In stock’ check to ensure it’s in our warehouse and ready to go.

Saving money when buying multiple brands

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