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Britannia Range Cookers: Everything You Need to Know…

Our Britannia Range Cookers are at their best price ever! You may be looking at these range cookers and wondering, what makes them so special?

Well they’re not just a pretty face, they have a tonne of technology and interesting features behind their stainless steel exterior. That’s why so many people go back to Britannia range cookers, year after year.

Read on to find out the answer to many Britannia range cooker frequently asked questions.

Are Britannia Range Cookers any good?

Yes! Britannia have been around since 1995 and have been making reliable, stylish range cookers for years and years. They were in fact one of the first companies to bring Range Cookers to the UK. So if you’re looking for an original, quality product, these are your guys.

At Appliance City we’ve been stocking Britannia range cookers for 25 years and we’ve heard and seen so many good things. They’re built primarily of stainless steel, so there’s an all-round rigidity that gives you a lot of confidence in the product. Additionally there’s a selection of features that are designed to make your life thoroughly easier. Jump here to see those.

Who makes them?

Britannia is a part of the Glen Dimplex group, who are also responsible for brands such as Belling, Stoves and many more! So you know that the quality you’re going to get is on par, and if not better than that of those brands. Glen Dimplex rigorously test their products and pour over every single detail, so you can get the high quality products you deserve.

Where are they made?

Britannia appliances have always been made in Italy, by master craftsmen. In 2013 Britannia were acquired by the appliance giants Glen Dimplex, who also own brands such as Stoves and Belling. Although Britannia’s were once made by Italian company Ilve, they’re now made by Italian company Bertazzoni.

Which Britannia range cooker is best?

There is no Britannia cooker that is definitively better. It all just depends on your preferences on size, features and fuel types. Currently our stock is majority made up of stainless steel models.

They come in widths of 90cm, 100cm & 110cm, with a variety of oven options. The actual oven compartment can be compromised of one large single oven, a twin oven with a 60/40 split, or a four compartment oven with a grill & storage drawer. See the examples below:

90cm Single

100cm Twin

110cm Four compartment

If you want to look at the full selection of Britannia’s on offer, please read their brochure here.

What’re the best features of a Britannia range cooker?

There are so many features that come with Britannia range cookers, depending on the range or size you choose. However some of our favourites are:

Meat probe

For perfectly cooked meat every time, a meat probe is the ideal piece of cooking equipment. Simply plug it into your oven, into your joint of meat and wait for the oven to cook it to perfection. The oven cavity will automatically switch off as soon as the meat has reached the correct temperature.


A rotisserie will really up your cooking game. Any poultry you find, will be good for spit roasting in the secondary oven. Crispy skin all round, and tender meat on the inside. A real treat for any guest, but an easy to achieve meal for you!

Dual Wok Burners

Powerful, professional cooking at your fingertips. With the included wok support, you can create adventurous cuisine quickly, and with ease.

Soft close storage drawer

Although not the first thing on your mind, a storage drawer adds an extra touch of class. It’s a further bit of space to store baking trays, utensils or even oven gloves. It can really tidy up your kitchen space quick.

Levelling legs

This is an ideal feature to get your range cooker fitting perfectly against your worktops. With a variable height of 87cm to 91cm, you can ensure that the range cooker is set perfectly within your kitchen.

How do I clean a Britannia range cooker?

Cleaning a Britannia range cooker is as just as simple as cleaning any other range cooker. However, due to the stainless steel it’s best to regularly clean your Britannia to keep any grime and fingerprints from aging your range cooker quickly.

With the hob, don’t use any abrasive cleaners or scouring sponges as you will scratch the steel or induction top. Wipe with a warm, damp and soapy cloth and polish dry with a separate microfiber cloth. If you have some caked on stains, use a soft scraper at a 45°C angle to remove the excess and repeat the above.

If you’ve got a gas cooktop, keep the pan supports clean by wiping with a soft cloth, warm water and washing up liquid. For more stubborn stains on the pan supports and burner rings, use a cream cleaner and soft scourer to remove, then wipe dry.

For how to clean the interior of most ovens, please follow this guide.

Is there a Britannia range cooker I can view?

We’ve currently got a 100cm Britannia Q-Line Range Cooker on display right here in our showroom in Bunny, Nottinghamshire. It’s fantastic to see it in the flesh! Here’s a few pictures, just for you…

And if you want to see any more range cookers, we have plenty! Just go to our showroom page here to find out how to get to us. Do make sure to give us a call on 0115 965 1937 to check we have the model or brand on show that you’d like to see.

For personalised advice, our friendly appliance experts are ready to assist on

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