Neff Slide & Hide:
Set Your Creativity Free…

The only oven with a disappearing door. Gets you closer to your cooking.

If you love food and cooking is your passion, nothing should get in the way of you creating your perfect dishes. Neff’s unique Slide&Hide door is the only oven door that slides away under the oven cavity. With easier access to the oven, basting, tasting and monitoring your masterpieces is safer and easier than ever before.

Featured on the ‘Great British Bake Off’ Slide&Hide has taken the nation by storm! The Slide&Hide is much more than a disappearing door though. Designed with everyday people in mind, these ovens are the perfect addition to any budding chefs kitchen. With an array of ranges and features, the Neff Slide&Hide is a must have!

Slide it, hide it, free it, love it…

The disappearing door on the Slide&Hide isn’t the only fantastic feature you’ll discover on Neff’s range of ovens. They have a range of cooking features to suit your lifestyle and how you cook. Helping to enhance every recipe you cook.

Whether you want to add a little moisture to your cooking, full steam to enhance your foods natural vitamins and minerals, cooking multiple dishes on different levels with no transfer of smells or an oven that cleans itself. Neff has an option for you!

Vario Steam

Neff’s Vario Steam feature has three intensity levels that let you add the right amount of moisture to your food for delicious roasting, baking and reheating. Perfect for those succulent Sunday roasts, reheated slabs of lasagne and soft, spongey cupcakes!

Pyrolytic Cleaning

Enjoy a shiny, spotless oven at the touch of a button with Neff’s Pyrolytic Slide&Hide oven. Allow your oven to do all the work, for effortless self-cleaning. Using high temperatures to burn grease stains and splatters you do nothing other than wipe away the ash!

Full Steam

Want a fully functioning oven and full steamer in one appliance? Neff’s Full Steam Slide&Hide oven enables you to lock in food’s vitamins and nutrients, enhancing natural colours and flavours. Reap all those extra health benefits by cooking your food with steam.


Neff’s unique CircoTherm fan technology lets you cook multiple dishes all at once on up to 3 or 4 shelves without intermingling flavours. Ideal for hosting dinner parties and cooking several courses at once. Available on all Neff ovens not just Slide & Hide models.

An oven for every cookaholic…


Neff’s N50 range is ideal if you enjoy cooking day to day. Neff’s ovens are packed with thoughtful details and advanced features that complement your cooking style, enabling you to create and cook as you please. A perfect choice for the hidden chef in all of us. Let your creative juices flow.


Neff’s N70 range is ideal if you truly love cooking and experimenting with food. Packed with fantastic features that will enhance your food, its timeless, elegant design complements any kitchen design. A perfect oven for those of you who enjoy entertaining friends and family and love being a top host.


Neff’s N90 range is ideal for those with a real passion for cooking and getting creative in the kitchen. Neff’s top-of-the-line ovens, crafted with the knowledge that cooking is a blend of science and art. Each N90 model is full of details and features that help you create, innovate and express yourself freely.

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