If you're looking for high performance at low prices, our range of Hotpoint Tumble Dryers is for you. Hotpoint occupy the more affordable end of the market but they have not compromised on functionality at all. They come with a number of different programmes so you can personalise your wash for the best results. They have both condensed and vented models so you can choose the one that will suit you best. Take the time to read the product descriptions for more information on its features, energy rating and capacity. If you have any questions about our tumble dryers, scroll down to the bottom of the page for our informative articles on how to install a dryer, a comparison between vented and condenser models and more.

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Our range of tumble dryers has got some of the best available on the market, including top brands like Hotpoint, Siemens and LG. Check out our entire range of laundry appliances here. We have ranges of washing machines and washer dryers as well as the tumble dryers above. With cooking, refrigeration and extraction appliances available on our website too, you can kit out the whole house for a great price at Appliance City!

Everything you need to know about Tumble Dryers

Simple instructions for installing both condenser and vented tumble dryers.
And keep it in optimum condition.