What is a heat pump tumble dryer?

They way Heat Pump tumble dryers work is quite simple. They use hot air to collect moisture from your clothing, passing it through several filters. This hot air is then re-used, meaning this type of tumble dryer uses a lot less energy than other models such as vented or condenser.

Using lower temperatures, heat pump models are kinder to everything you dry, so less likely to over dry and ruin your clothing. This does mean however, that heat pump models can take up to 50% longer to dry your garments, but it’s better for both the environment and your pocket!

Heat pump technology explained

Why choose a heat pump tumble dryer?

If you want to use less energy, be kinder to the environment and to your clothes then a heat pump tumble dryer is the perfect choice. Heat pump technology uses up to 50% less energy than a conventional B-rated condenser dryer. Since they use an energy efficient heat exchange system, the air temperature inside the drum is considerably lower than conventional dryers which provides the perfect protection for your clothes.

How does heat pump technology work?

Heat pump technology works by using hot air to absorb moisture from your clothes. Getting them dry after a wash, the heat pump dryer passes the air through the drum, into the evaporator which strips the clothing of its moisture, this is then collected as condensation and stored into a tank. The remaining air is re-heated and sent back to the drum to start the process all over again, continuing to dry your clothing until the cycle has finished.

How long does a heat pump dryer take?

People often don’t realise that heat pump dryers can take up to 50% longer than a conventional dryer. This is due to using lower temperatures to dry your clothes, but it’s worth the wait, as it protects the condition of your clothes, keeping them looking like new! Also, don’t expect your clothing to come out piping hot, this is often a misconception of heat pump tumble dryers. Using lower temperatures, your clothing is unlikely to feel hot once the cycle is finished.

Do heat pump energy ratings matter?

Ranging from A to A+++ you can expect your heat pump tumble dryer to be very energy efficient. The energy ratings simply tell you how much each model costs to run per year. A+++ models are the most energy efficient and therefore save you the most money in the long run. Because heat pump tumble dryers re-use energy, you not only save on your household bills, but you will also be helping the environment too. Win, win either way!

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AEG heat pump tumble dryers

AEG have a fantastic range of heat pump tumble dryers with features like ProSense which ensures the best energy consumption, even for small loads, SensiDry for gentle and energy efficient drying at lower temperatures, plus the AbsoluteCare system; intelligent drum movements and temperature adjustments for ultimate care of your clothes.

Bosch heat pump tumble dryers

Bosch have an array of tumble dryers to suit every pocket and home. With superb features like the Sensitive Drying system where your clothes are dried by mild, warm air coming from all sides and gently mixed by curving soft carriers, and HomeConnect which allows you to control your tumble dryer from your smartphone, anywhere, anytime.

LG heat pump tumble dryers

With an array of superb features, LG tumble dryers are a great option for your home. With a Dual Inverter heat pump that widens the range of the circulation speed from very fast to slow without turning it on and off and SensorDry which optimises drying performance by detecting the moisture on clothes and automatically sets the drying time.

Explore the options

Samsung heat pump tumble dryers

Samsung’s range of heat pump tumble dryers will look fantastic in any home. Features include OptimalDry smart technology which uses moisture and temperature sensors to adjust the drying time for the best results. This protects your clothes from damage whilst saving energy. Smart Check automatically monitors for errors, detecting and diagnosing problems from an early stage and is controlled by a smartphone app.

Siemens heat pump tumble dryers

Siemens have an array of tumble dryers to suit every budget ranging from IQ-300 through to the feature filled Avantgarde collection. With superb features like the Sensitive Drying system where your clothes are dried by mild, warm air coming from all sides and gently mixed by curving soft carriers, and HomeConnect which allows you to control your tumble dryer and view the cycle progress from your smartphone, anytime, anywhere.

Miele heat pump tumble dryers

Miele’s range of heat pump dryers include features you may never have thought of before! Their Honeycomb drum is designed for less creasing, easy ironing, allowing your clothing to be dried gently and evenly. Miele’s Perfect Dry technology detects the calcium content of your water and adjusts the programme duration accordingly. Fragrance Dos is a specialised dosing system which allows you to add your favourite fragrance during the drying process.

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Not sure on which brand suits you and your home? Take a look at all of the heat pump tumble dryers we supply. You can view all the features and functions available to help you decide. With an array of styles and prices to suit every budget, you’re sure to find the perfect heat pump tumble dryer for your home.

LG tumble dryer
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