CDA Island Cooker Hoods

With inventive design and great performance, our CDA Island Hoods are the perfect statement piece for your kitchen.

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Our range of Island Hoods make a dynamic addition to your home. There are some incredible designs available in our range with excellent low voltage lighting to create an amazing focal point in your kitchen. Generally these models can either be ducted through an outside wall or recirculated with the use of optional charcoal filters.

Pendant or chandelier designs are usually designed to be recirculated rather than ducted out. Consider what impact your island hood will have on visibility in your kitchen as many models can be quite large, often blocking the line of sight between cooking and dining areas. Glass designs are a popular choice as they offer the visual impact without dominating the space.

If this is going to be a problem in your kitchen, there’s a number of ways around it. Check out our Ceiling Hoods, Downdraft Hoods, Canopy Hoods and more for integrated designs that sit flush with your counter top, ceiling or cabinets.

Ceiling Hoods and Downdraft Hoods are definitely a good alternative for an Island Hood if it will obstruct your view.

For a range cooker or hob to go with your cooker hood, check out our Cooking section. We have a wide range of great products to go with your new hood, often in bundle deals for crucial money savings.

With multiple speed options, touch control features, inbuilt spotlights and timer functions, these island hoods really perform. With a range of designs from the more traditional chimney style to modern cylinders and striking spheres, all of these models look fantastic. There are options for both recirculating the air and ducting outside so you're restricted in your choice. They've been made available at great prices below. Keep your eyes out for any special offers, you won't want to miss them. We're backing local British business with this amazing range of CDA Island Hoods and you should too.