Reasons to Buy a Ceiling Hood

Why should you consider buying a ceiling hood for your kitchen? When we have so many different kinds of cooker hood to choose from, you need to know what each type has going for it. Is one kind more expensive than the other? Which one is best for open-plan kitchens? Which has the best design for your kitchen?

We’re going to be talking about the virtues of buying a ceiling hood in this post. From it design, to the kind of room it suits, there’s a few key things to discuss about ceiling hoods that will help you to decide whether this is the right cooker hood for you.

Head to our extraction section to see all the different cooker hoods styles we stock. Or read on for our reasons why a ceiling hood could be perfect for you.

Open Plan Kitchens

Perhaps the biggest draw of a ceiling hood, is preserving the sense of space a room has. If your kitchen is open-plan, or you’re building an open plan kitchen a ceiling hood doesn’t infringe on your space. It keeps the room looking open. They’re a popular alternative to island hoods for this reason.

If your open plan kitchen is going to have the hob on a kitchen island for example, a ceiling hood might be a better option instead of an island hood. Island hoods will just down from the ceiling and can obstruct your view of the room. It could block your view outside for example.

This isn’t a problem with a ceiling hood, and that sense of open cooking can be quite a nice touch. Tall people know all too well the struggles of leaning in to taste some food and bouncing your head off the hood. It gives that greater sense of space and openness that can make such a difference. 


Ceiling hoods all have a very muted and sleek design. They’re not extravagant by any means and their clean lines make them a favourite amongst more design-minded homeowners. They can blend seamlessly into your kitchen design, like canopy and telescopic hoods to give you that understated, almost invisible look. 

They look pretty attractive too, with classy design that definitely feels contemporary. When you see a kitchen appliance get reinvented in such a creative and modern way, that also translates to the kitchen itself. Having a fresh, modern appliance makes your kitchen feel fresh and modern too. You might have designed a fabulously contemporary kitchen, but if the appliances aren’t too then that will be for nothing.

Are Ceiling Hoods Ideal for Lower Ceilings?

A standard ceiling height these days is around 2.4 to 2.6 metres, but most houses built over 50 years ago have ceilings that are 2.2m and lower. Ceiling hoods can be installed on ceilings of any height. Technically, the higher the ceiling, the more extraction power you will need, but this mostly isn’t a problem. Heat rises so those odours and vapour will always be propelled upwards.

In kitchens with a ceiling height of 2.2 metres and below, a ceiling hood is likely to be the kind that comes most recommended. This is a great height for them and the virtue of having your cooker hood in the ceiling speaks for itself. 

Noise Levels

Installing your cooker hood into the ceiling can result in very quiet operation if installed properly. How? You can probably work that one out for yourself. With the motor and ducting not being ‘in the room’, this seriously insulates the noise it produces. Perhaps the only downside to owning and using a cooker hood, is that they have to make noise to work, so this is a very attractive feature. 

So, if these are all things that you value from your cooker hood or apply to you, then you should definitely be considering one of our stellar ceiling hoods. There’s a wide range of them, amongst others in our Extraction section.

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