Elica NikolaTesla:
A Hob and Hood in one…

Elica NikolaTesla

The stunning NikolaTesla is Elica’s first aspirating induction hob equipped with the most advanced technologies with distinctive design, characterised by strong lines and quality material, combining the functions of two appliances into one single and fabulous product.

The NikolaTesla has all the advantages of an induction hob, such as rapid cooking and easy cleaning. Elica however, have added specific technologies, like the double bridge function, allowing for two adjacent cooking zones to combine which is fantastic for larger pots and pans to be used.

The NikolaTesla has an aspirating system positioned in the central zone. It reaches high performance levels in terms of fume extraction, noise level and energy efficiency, making it class A+! Thanks to its direct communication with the hob, it is able to receive information from the cooking zones and therefore automatically calibrates the ideal aspiration level, so that you only need to worry about what you are cooking. This enables the energy consumption to be reduced also. The command is 10 speed touch control which allows you to adjust both the hob and the aspirating zone. Easy peasy!

The NikolaTesla comes in both recirculation and ducting out versions as well as a high performance models.

Elica NikolaTesla Switch

The NikolaTesla Switch is the latest downdraft induction cooktop by Elica, created to revolutionise your daily cooking experience and turn the point of view of the kitchen quite literally upside down. The power of induction and extraction are combined in a single product where the search for harmony and maximum attention to detail truly exists. With innovative functions and unique performance the Switch represents the highest expression of technology and design.

Much like the NikolaTesla, the Switch has a central ring with a cast iron effect and a glass circle, completely flush with the cooktop surface giving you a seamless finish, and concealing the extraction system perfectly. By rotating this circular element, the NikolaTesla Switch extraction is activated, releasing all of its power through this innovative flap, guaranteeing total air control for your kitchen. The downdraft and induction cooktop reaches high performance levels in terms of fume and odour extraction, getting rid of unwanted cooking smells five times faster than the rising speed. It is also impressively silent thanks to noise levels of just 59dBA and it has a class A+ energy efficiency rating. Winner!

Due to the use of sensors, the Switch can measure the air quality and can automatically adjust the extraction speed accordingly, therefore optimising power consumption. The control interface is intuitive and easy to use thanks to five direct sliders and is totally invisible in standby mode making this aesthetically extremely clean. Much like the NikolaTesla, the Switch has four cooking zones featuring the latest generation induction systems and is equipped with a double bridge function allowing two adjacent zones to work together generating one big cooking zone, perfect for using larger pots and pans.

Available in both recirculation and ducting out models. Currently on display in our showroom!

Elica NikolaTesla Prime

The NikolaTesla Prime is the perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality. Designed for those who are seeking simplicity for their kitchen but dont want to compromise on excellent design.

The NikolaTesla Prime is another addition to Elica’s induction hob range with integrated aspiration system. The Prime is made unique by the search for balanced aesthetics and attention to the functional details. In the centre of the glass hob with four independent induction zones, sits the elegant cast iron grille which gives the product a professional look, whilst it conceals the powerful aspirating heart. By activating the AutoCapture function, the aspiration system will automatically adjust based on the number of cooking zones being used at one time and on what power setting.

In front of the hob is a single control panel that enables you to control both the induction zones and the aspirating system with a simple touch of your finger. In standby mode, it becomes completely invisible, showing the hob in its complete sleekness. Perfect for those who like a minimalist vibe in their kitchen. The new aesthetics make cleaning a doddle, both for the glass hob and cast iron grille that can be conveniently washed in the dishwasher. Ideal!

Available in both recirculation and ducting out models.

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