What are Semi-Integrated Dishwashers?

By now, you may be familiar with different types of dishwashers. If you’re looking for a unit to replace yours, then it’s likely you’ve been looking around and come across fully integrated and freestanding dishwashers. What you may not have previously considered are semi-integrated dishwashers.

At Appliance City, we have a wide range of semi-integrated dishwashers for you to consider for your kitchen. Before you can go any further in your fact-finding and potential purchasing mission for semi-integrated dishwashers, you need to know exactly what they are.

In this article, we’re going to look at what semi-integrated dishwashers are and touch on why you would want one compared to a freestanding or fully integrated model. 

What is a Semi-Integrated Dishwasher?

So, if you’re confused as to what a semi-integrated dishwasher is, we’re going to clear it up for you. The short answer is that they’re very similar to fully integrated dishwashers, except they aren’t completely concealed by your cabinetry. And unlike freestanding dishwashers, which aren’t concealed at all, they do integrated into your kitchen design. 

In terms of functionality, performance, size, features, place settings and so on, there is no difference there. Semi-integrated dishwashers are determined to be as such on how they’re installed. 

What sets them apart is very minute. Where fully integrated dishwashers will generally have controls on the top edge of the door, semi-integrated dishwashers will still have their control panel exposed rather than concealed by the cabinet door. These may still be on the top edge of the door, or on the front of the unit. 

A semi-integrated dishwasher will vary in just how much of it is integrated into your kitchen cabinetry. So, it could be that it will just have a plinth going across the bottom of the unit, and the control panel and most of the door panel are still exposed. Or, the door of the dishwasher is mostly concealed, exposing just a control panel. 

Why Would You Choose a Semi-Integrated Dishwasher?

In terms of categorising semi-integrated dishwashers, there’s actually very little setting them apart from their fully integrated and freestanding counterparts. So why would you choose a semi-integrated dishwasher over a different type? 

The answer is a simple one, and it’s based entirely on your personal design preferences. As there’s no trade-off in performance, size or anything else, the only thing to determine is whether you prefer the design of a semi-integrated unit rather than fully integrated or freestanding. 

Let’s say you want a really traditional kitchen design with a retro/vintage feel. You may want to opt for a fully integrated dishwasher in that instance and hide it behind your cabinets. Modern dishwashers don’t look that retro and having an exposed dishwasher may conflict with the vision you had in mind and because of that you may want it to sit behind your chosen cabinets. 

Maybe you’ve found a dishwasher from a manufacturer that’s perfect for you, but it is entirely white and a big block of white won’t match the colour scheme of the room. A semi-integrated dishwasher may be a good choice instead so you can mask most of the colour of the dishwasher and get it look more harmonious with your kitchen’s design.

It could even be as innocuous as not liking having your controls of the top of the door. Having an exposed control panel on the front of the door does away with that, and you can still mask most of it. 

Essentially, it is entirely a question of preference. Maybe you just like how the control panel being exposed looks, whatever it is, it’s an expansion of your options of dishwasher, giving you more power, choice and control over the design of your kitchen.  

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