How to Install Your Dishwasher

If you want to save on installation costs and fancy a little challenge, we’ve put together this guide on how to remove your old dishwasher and install a new one. Follow our easy steps to get your new dishwasher up and running!

If you have an old dishwasher to get rid of, please ensure that you do this responsibly. We offer a recycling service upon delivery of your new appliance if you want us to deal with the hassle. More details, including how to recycle your appliance yourself, can be found on our Recycling page. 

You will need:

  • Screwdriver
  • Pliers: needle-nose and slip-joint.
  • Adjustable wrench

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How Do You Remove an Old Dishwasher?

Before you get started on anything, turn off the water and electric supply to your dishwasher.

This will mean shutting off your water valve. Test your taps and power to make sure they are definitely shut off.

  1. If your dishwasher is integrated you’ll need to remove any screws from the flange of your dishwasher. These screws are what’s fastening the appliance to the counter.
  2. Remove the bottom cover of your dishwasher and remove any wires carefully. Cover the wires and tuck them away.
  3. Disconnect your water supply from where it is attached to the dishwasher and remove the hose from beneath your sink.
  4. Move your dishwasher from out of its housing. You may want to put a blanket or towel down to soak up any excess water.

Expect a bit of water spillage when you move your existing dishwasher and make sure to clean the area before installing your new one.

How Do You Install a New Dishwasher?

Now you’ve removed your old dishwasher, here’s how to install your new one like a pro.

  1. Place your dishwasher on its back in front of where it’s going.
  2. Whilst it’s on its back, connect the hose and fittings. Your drain hose should be attached with a clamp, your water line connection should be securely fastened (preferably with tape) and you should attach a brass fitting known as a dishwasher 90. Don’t attach the water line to the dishwasher 90 yet.
  3. Pick up and move your new dishwasher into where it will be housed. Once this has been done, then you can connect the water line to the dishwasher 90 at the bottom.
  4. Arrange and connect the wires that you have tucked away. Make sure the cable can’t be pulled out and everything is attached where it’s supposed to be. Your wires should be colour coded to make this step every straightforward.
  5. Connect the hose to the water supply under the sink – it should already be attached at the other end.

Once this has been done, be tentative before getting it started. You’ll want to check and make sure there are no leaks, that you’ve adjusted the height to the right level by using the adjustable legs and that the connections and water supply are all working as they should.

Once this has been done, attach the necessary screws if your model is integrated. There should be some mounting screws which are to be attached at the counter flange.  Attach the bottom cover again and voila, you should be completely installed!

It’s a fairly straightforward process and if you are confident in your abilities, then have at it. Please make sure that you are not lifting the dishwasher by yourself at any point, that you take extra care with the water and power supply and ensure that they are both shut off for this process.

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