56 to 60 Litre Built In Ovens

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Built In Ovens

Minimalist on the outside but incredibly powerful inside, built in ovens are a great option for those who prefer a seamless look to their kitchen. A built in oven fits perfectly in a tall housing unit, or under a worktop in a base unit. You can opt for a gas or electric single oven. Or you can choose a double oven model, which has a second smaller oven above the main cavity.

Built In Cleaning Ovens

One of the great things about built in ovens is their self-cleaning capabilities. Pyrolytic ovens have a high-temperature cleaning cycle, which burns off all the residue fat and oil splashes. You can simply wipe away the ash after. Catalytic ovens have a special lining which absorbs and oxidises all the grease that hits them when at a high temperature.

Built In Oven Features

Other than super easy cleaning, built in ovens come with a wide variety of features to make your kitchen life easier. We have a selection of smart oven models that can connect to your phone, allowing you to control temperatures and recipes at just the touch of a button. One of our most popular models is the Neff Slide & Hide, where the door can be easily hidden for better manoeuvrability. With so many other fantastic features to choose from, there’s no wonder so many people choose a built in oven in their kitchen.

Built In Oven Brands

We offer a great range of built in oven brands for you to choose from. There’s higher specification brands such as Miele, Smeg and Fisher & Paykel. We also do incredibly popular brands such as Neff, Bosch and AEG, which are great for creating a kitchen appliance suite. We also offer budget friendly brands such Hisense and Zanussi too. All of our built in ovens are reliable, packed with features and are sure to look perfect in your kitchen.

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