Buying a Built In Oven

Built in ovens are a popular choice amongst homeowners all over the country. Their design, minimalist aesthetic and practical application creates a winning formula for powerful, simple and functional cooking in your kitchen.

Here at Appliance City, we field a lot of questions regarding the products that we sell and also have gathered decades of expert knowledge to impart onto you, so you can make smarter buying decisions for your home. So, in this post, we’re going to look at some things to consider before buying a built in oven and answer some common questions we get.

Can You Install a Built In Oven Yourself?

One of the most frequently asked questions we get about built in ovens: can I install a built in oven myself? The answer to this is yes, you absolutely can. Ovens aren’t exactly cheap. So after you’ve just bought a brand-new model for your kitchen, it can sting a little bit when you cough up for built in oven installation costs as well. 

For the best results in your built in oven installation, we do recommend seeking professional assistance. Whilst you can install a built in oven yourself and fitting a built in oven isn’t too complicated either, your biggest obstacle is handling and lifting the thing. If you are confident in your ability to handle the installation, go for it. Please do not lift the oven by yourself though, and exercise extreme caution.

For a quick and easy guide on how to install and wire a built in oven, check out our step-by-step guide in this post.

Can a Built In Oven Be Built Under?

Built in ovens afford you heaps of different design possibilities and a built in oven can be built under if that’s the best option for your kitchen. Bear in mind, that one of the positives of a built in oven is being able to install it above work-top level.

With food cooking at eye-level you can easily check on its progress and it’s easy to load and unload. If you’re going to go with a built under oven, consider if a range cooker would also work for your home.

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What Features Do I Need?

Built in ovens come loaded with loads of really fantastic and forward-thinking features that help to make your cooking and kitchen life a breeze. One of the most important features to consider is whether you want a self-cleaning oven.

Our range of built in ovens come with different cleaning options:

  • Manual – The standard option. Use some oven cleaner and elbow grease to get it shining again.
  • Catalytic – Some built in ovens will come with inbuilt catalytic liners. These have been treated with chemicals and their material make them a champion at combating grease. These will have a self-cleaning programme. Every month or so, turn this on and the oven will heat itself up and deposit excess grease and grime for you to wipe away.
  • PyrolyticThe most effective form of self-cleaning oven is a pyrolytic oven. These work in much the same way as a catalytic oven with a slight difference. These will heat themselves to temperatures of over 400°C, turning any food, grease and grime into ash for you to simply sweep away.  
  • Steam-Assisted OvensAn oven with steam-cleaning functions will produce steam to help moisten and release residues that build up in the oven over time.

Other than assisted cleaning features, there are some other things to look out for. Convection ovens (or fan-assisted ovens) will provide a quicker, more even cooking experience.

This is an obvious one, but glass doors. Being able to see how your food is getting on without opening the door is a great feature to have, especially when cooking multiple things at once.

Dual cavity ovens or double built in ovens give the ability to cook at two different temperatures at once. Anyone who has ever cooked before can tell you why that is beneficial feature. Double ovens are more pricey, so really think about whether you would benefit from it.

Other features to look out for are LCD touchscreen displays, timers, delayed start functions, Wi-Fi connectivity, an accurate thermostat and auto-cooking programmes.

For our full range of built in ovens, head to our Cooking section. With a wide selection of single and double built in ovens from top, market-leading brands, you can get a great deal for your kitchen. We also have a collection of range cookers for you to browse as well as hobs of all fuel types and matching cooker hoods. For great deals on powerful, reliable kitchen appliances, buy online today at Appliance City!