Liebherr’s New Refrigeration Range

The heroes of everyday life.

Modern design, outstanding technical performance and highly convenient ease of use. No matter what series you choose from, these Liebherr fridges and freezers will give you practical and stylish solutions to everyday problems. Liebherr have split their models into four easy to understand classes, showcasing the full range of their craftsmanship and imagination. Please note: the features described below vary from model to model.

The Pure Series

The value class in Liebherr’s new range, but still brimming with incredible craftsmanship & quality. It’s pure and simple, so nothing will get in the way of optimal refrigeration in your home.

Duo Cooling

Two cooling units equals more efficient refrigeration. All models with DuoCooling benefit from precision temperature setting. This ensures theres no transfer of odors & prevents food from drying out.

EasyFresh Safes

Preserve fruits and vegetables for considerably longer with EasyFresh. The drawers maintain the perfect balance of temperature and humidity to prolong the life of your groceries.


Effortless temperature and function control with the simple swipe of a finger. Liebherr’s intuitive operation touch display gives you clearly arranged & precise controls from day one.

The Plus Series

First class refrigeration and freezing, with added convenient touches that make your life easier. Smarter & more organised, so everything is as fresh as can be.

BioFresh Drawers

Backed by the irrefutable BioFresh technology, these drawers store fruit and veg at a chilly 0°. The perfect temperature and humidity for keeping food market-fresh for longer.


An easy to use icemaker, without the fixed connection. Just fill the tank with water, freeze and twist to release icecubes – so you’re ready to serve cool drinks. And it’s easy to clean too!


Perfect for storage of smaller packages, jars and tubes, the VarioSafe provides another level of organisation to your refrigerator. Slide it in at different heights for custom arrangements.

The Prime Series

Compromised of genuine high-quality materials such as stainless steel, refrigerators in the Prime series are seriously sophisticated. Specialist features and delicate touches make this refrigerator a truly captivating experience.


Optimal illumination at all times. The LED light columns are positioned to show off your food in its best light. So your filled fridge is illuminated & organised at all times.

SmartSteel Rear Wall

For a modern look and feel, choose the SmartSteel wall. Don’t worry, SmartSteel is food safe and hygienic. It’s also great at reducing the visibility of those pesky fingerprints.

Touch Swipe UI

A step up from the TouchDisplay, this Touch UI is all in one square for easy selection of your refrigerator modes. Simply select functions such as PartyMode on the colour display by tapping and swiping.

The Peak Series

Only the best of the best materials and features with this series. There’s no compromise on technology and design, just top-of-the-line refrigeration. If you want to have it all, choose the Peak series.


Although it sounds like something from a fairytale, its truly magical to have a source of fresh cool drinking water in your kitchen. Drip free dispensing allows you to live life more sustainably.

*this feature will require connection to a water supply*


Boost how you preserve your groceries with the awe-inspiring HydroBreeze. A cool mist, that when combined with the 0°C BioFresh temperature, creates a stunning visual effect & prolongs shelf life.

OpenStage Drawers

Available in the Peak larder fridges, these OpenStage drawers give an incredible professional look. They’re easy to maneuver, and thanks to GlassLine drawers you can see everything clearly from top to bottom.

Why Choose Liebherr? More than just a fridge.

BioFresh Technology

Only Liebherr delivers on true BioFresh technology. A 0°C climate that’s perfect for storing fruit, vegetables, meat, fish & dairy. They’ll last longer, as well as retain their naturals vitamins and minerals.

Quality Craftsmanship

Liebherr uses only the best materials and components in their appliances. They insist on meticulous workmanship and intensive testing at every hurdle, so you have perfect quality and functionality.

Eco Friendly Ideas

High quality components ensure Liebherr appliances are long-lasting. They offer ultra-economical refrigerators that have the highest energy efficiency classes. To help the environment and your pocket.

Beautiful Design

A combination of high quality materials and premium design ideas have created a form of refrigeration that exudes style. Clean lines and clever features creates timeless elegance across the range.