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Recycling with Appliance City

Here’s a quick guide on what do with your old appliance:

Let us recycle for you!

When delivering your new appliance we can take the old one away for you, just check the "Removal of your old appliance from outside of the property" in the shopping basket and we’ll add a small £12 fee to take your old appliance away and recycle it for you.

Recycle it yourself

You can spend hours trying to squeeze that appliance in your car or call the ‘reliable’ friend with a van. You can also sweat, cry or even swear at the possibility of recycling it yourself. Frankly £12 saves you a lot of time, effort and arguments!

What happens to my old appliance?

It all depends on the appliance, cooling appliances are sent to remove cooling gases and treat insulation foam. Other items such as washing machines, tumble dryers etc are seperated for metal to be recycled and the rest recovered.

Refuse Pick-Up

Your local councils can arrange for your old appliances to be picked up and recycled on your behalf. Some offer this service for free, however some charge up to £50. Check with your local council, our recycling fee could save you money!