Gorenje Freestanding Fridges

Gorenje’s incredibly efficient fridges really do make a statement. In simple, modern design or if you prefer a more retro look there is a great selection to choose from.

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Freestanding fridges can be put anywhere near an indoor power supply so doesn’t require to be built into a unit or fitted with an external door. And as there is such a variety of designs from modern stainless steel to simple white, different sizes to stand tall or fit snugly under a counter a freestanding fridge is a great option for many houses. Many brands offer their unique styles and increasingly smart technology means that food can be kept fresh for as long as possible. Manufacturers often offer matching freezers for a real statement pairing. We’ve got products available from a host of different market-leading brands. Be sure to check out our Smeg and Gorenje collections, filled with quirky and stylish fridges as well as the always reliable Samsung range. You’ll find it all in our refrigeration section, alongside our fridge freezers, wine coolers and much more.

The retro design come with interior ice boxes for added convenience and are impressively energy efficient. Impressive insulation, door seals and temperature controls make these fridges incredibly cheap to run.