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Freestanding fridge freezers can be an ideal solution for getting clever technology combined with space saving options and combining the fridge and freezer into a single unit. There is a huge selection of models available, some of which offer extras such as water dispensers, smart defrosting technology and efficient cooling. Many models also offer frost free technology meaning you’ll never have to defrost again thanks to dry air being circulated around the freezer. This is all available within a great range of styles and colours, whether your style is retro, minimalist or modern there is a stunning design to suit every kitchen.

Hoover’s impressive selection of fridge freezers are fantastically efficient and offer great capacity and frost-free systems. An incredible feature that keeps your chilled food fresh and you never need to defrost the freezer again. Versatile storage is adaptable to you and chiller zones in the fridge keep a very low temperature, ideal for meat or fish. Bright and economical LEDs light up the interior and touch controls are easy to use.