Freezers: Buying Guide

If you’re about to start shopping for a freezer you’ll probably be surprised by how much choice there is. Read on, and we’ll help you narrow down the options.

What to Look For When Buying a Freezer

This isn’t an exhaustive list of things to look for when buying a freezer but it should serve as a solid starting point.


This is likely to be the first decision you have to make. Before you even begin to look at brands and particular models you need to ask yourself “what size freezer do I need?” and “how much space do I have?”

Once you’ve measured up and know what size freezer you need, your next consideration is the layout of the room that’s going to house it. By and large, this will be the kitchen, so you need to decide whether you have the space for a freestanding freezer, or whether you need to opt for an integrated freezer.


Freezers come in two distinct “types”: chest freezers and upright freezers. The upright freezer is the standard in most homes. Upright freezers are easier to organise, since they are divided into shelved sections.

If you store a lot of food, a chest freezer may be more suitable. Since they lack freezer drawers, shelves, or compartments, chest freezers are more suited to the bulk storage of frozen goods. Chest freezers are some of the best freezers for garages too. Easy to position and move around, chest freezers are certainly suitable for your garage.

Next up you’ll need to consider the design. Upright freezers come in a variety of colours and finishes, including white, black, and stainless steel. You can also choose between a gloss and matte finish.

Chest freezers tend to be available in one colour: white (which is great, if you struggle when faced with too much choice).


There are a number of add-ons available with certain models of upright freezer; however what you consider to be an ‘extra feature’ will determine what you consider to be a useful add on.

The first add on is a temperature display on the external side of the freezer door. This is a useful function that allows you to monitor your freezer status, helping you spot any issues immediately. The second add on is the Frost-Free function. This helps prevent your freezer from frosting over (a problem that requires the appliance to be manually defrosted).

The third and final common add-on is an extended warranty. This can range between an extra year to an extra 4 years, so make sure to check this feature before you decide which freezer to buy. You’ll also want to see how many freezer drawers you’re working with and what that means for your freezer storage.

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Commercial and Domestic Use

What you intend to use the freezer for will also factor into determining which models are suitable. If you need a freezer for restaurant use then you are probably going to find that a chest freezer is more beneficial for you. As mentioned earlier, this option is great for bulk storage of larger items, but is not ideal if keeping your food organised is really important to you.

In order to establish which chest freezer is the best for you, you need to determine what volume of items you need to freeze. If you are a large establishment you may need to opt for a larger model of freezer.

If your freezer is for domestic purposes then the upright freezer will often be the best choice. Shelves make it easier to organise goods and they take up less floor space. However, an upright freezer is a solid commercial choice if you need to be able to access specific items quickly and easily.

Now that you have a good idea of what to look for in your ideal freezer, it’s time to begin searching. We recommend using this article as a guideline, but remember to let your personal preferences help you decide. If you’re replacing an existing freezer then you may want to stick to the same brand (but don’t let loyalty limit your options too much).

There are lots of brands and styles available, so take your time in finding which freezer to buy. Check out our full range of Freezers here, with options to suit any budget and interior. Our Refrigeration section also has Fridges and American-Style Fridge Freezers for you to check out.