Fridge: Buying Guide

A buying guide for fridges

A helpful guide for your fridge buying journey.

Looking for a new fridge? It’s one of the most important appliances in our homes, and therefore quality should be a priority. But with all of the different designs, sizes and features available today it can be an overwhelming decision.

How do you know which refrigerator to buy?

The answer depends on your circumstances, available space, and your preferences. Use the information below as a guide to help you decide what fridge to buy. The best fridges aren’t necessarily the ones you may expect. Could you benefit more from an under counter fridge or do you want a fridge with an ice maker and water dispenser? If you’re replacing an existing fridge you may already have a brand in mind, but it’s still worth looking at alternative options as you may find something that ticks all the boxes for you.



Integrated Liebherr fridge

An integrated fridge is built into your cabinetry. This style gives a clean and sleek appearance to your space.


Freestanding Smeg fridge

A freestanding fridge can be moved around the room. This gives you the freedom to rearrange the layout as you need.



Upright Samsung fridge

Upright fridges offer more space and often more features. They are therefore a popular choice for many. Their capacity is ideal for medium-large households.


Undercounter Bosch fridge

Undercounter fridges sit underneath your counter. They are ideal for small households, or as a second fridge. Although small, many still come with flexible storage and premium features.



Arguably the most important factor to consider when buying a new fridge is the capacity. How much storage you need will depend on your household size and lifestyle. Fridge capacities typically range from 90 – 400+ litres.

Bigger doesn’t always mean better. A fridge that’s only half filled will be wasting energy. It’s therefore important to choose a size that works for your household’s needs.

Using Shopping Bags to Measure Fridge Capacity

Many places will help you understand the capacity of a fridge by working out how many bags of shopping will fit in. However, they use the volume of plastic shopping bags to work this out. Because not many people use plastic shopping bags anymore, this information is outdated and can be misleading.

A standard plastic shopping bag has a volume of ~18L. However, a standard reusable shopping bag in the UK has a volume of ~30L. We have used this data to calculate how many reusable bags of shopping can fit into your fridge. Please bear in mind that you will have some items in your fridge that will remain in there for longer than a week.

  • A small household will typically need a fridge with a net capacity of 150L or less. This is about 5 reusable bags of shopping.
  • An average sized household will typically need a fridge with a net capacity of 350L. This is about 11 reusable bags of shopping.
  • For larger households, bigger capacities will usually always be needed. How big of a capacity you need will depend on your individual household needs.

Measurements for the Bosch KIR81AFE0G Larder Fridge


If you’re replacing an existing fridge you’ll know what size fridge you need. If you’re buying your first fridge, or designing a new space, you may not!

Firstly, you will need to know how much space you have available. Make sure to measure the height, width, and depth of the space you plan to put your new fridge.

  • If you have a small kitchen, a smaller model doesn’t always mean sacrificing fridge storage space. Some fridge organisers, and clever usage of fridge shelves, will keep things in order and stored away nicely.

Energy Rating

All fridges will come with an assigned energy rating from A-G, with A being the most efficient. Fridges run 24/7, and so energy efficiency is particularly important. By choosing a more energy efficient fridge, your food can stay fresher for cheaper.

  • You can help your fridge run efficiently by keeping it at the optimal fridge temperature, and allowing airflow.

A fridge should be set between 0 – 5°C. If it’s colder than it needs to be, your fridge will use more energy! Airflow is also important for keeping your fridge at the ideal temperature. Allow a ventilation gap around the outside of your fridge, and don’t pack your food too tightly inside.

Fridge Energy Ratings

Neff FreshSafe Feature - person turning a temperature dial in their fridge for optimal vegetable humidity

Food Preservation

Keeping all of your fridge food well preserved isn’t just as simple as putting it in and closing the door. Different products actually stay fresher at different temperatures and humidities.

Food preservation time also relies heavily on how well your fridge can maintain the same stable temperature. Many models now come with advanced technology to keep your food as fresh as possible for longer. From airflow cooling technology to specialised compartments, there are lots of features to be on the lookout for.


You could find a fridge that ticks all of the right boxes, but the wrong colour could ruin your kitchen design. We understand how important it is to have an appliance that not only works well, but looks good.

We stock premium fridges in a wide range of different colours to match your aesthetic. Popular options include classic white and stainless steel. These are popular because they work with most colour schemes.

If you’re feeling daring and want to try something different, then the Smeg range is definitely something to check out. Colour options include red, pastel blue and even a Union Jack fridge design.

Smeg fridge in union jack colours in empty room


It’s always a good idea to check how much warranty you’ll receive when buying a new fridge. Even the best quality fridges can develop problems, so it’s good to have protection just in case. Standard warranties for fridges are 1-2 years, however some come standard with longer warranties. You may also have the option to extend your warranty for a fee.


There are many additional add-on features that provide additional practicality. We’d recommend looking at as many models as possible to gain some inspiration. Here are a few fantastic features to look out for!

Water and/or Ice Dispensers

Reversible Doors

Salad Crispers

Wine Racks

Internal Temperature Display

Smart Features

Holiday Mode


Power Cut Failsafe

Flexible Space

Check out our range of fridges in our wide and varied refrigeration section. We offer a host of refrigeration products, also including Freezers and Fridge Freezers. With top products at great prices from leading brands, you have the luxury of choosing from the best fridges available today.

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