What Brand Makes the Best Fridges?

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When it comes to buying a new fridge, you don’t just want it to be good, you want the best fridge. However, what is considered to be the best fridge isn’t so black and white. It’s a subjective question, and the best fridge is the one that best suits your specific needs. Whether that’s design, capacity, energy efficiency or whatever else. 

Because of this, it’s hard to give you a one-answer-fits-all suggestions. What we can do, is take a closer look at five of the most popular and bestselling fridge brands that we stock as these make a great starting point for you to figure out which will be the best for you. 

Are Samsung Fridges High Quality?

Samsung are well known the world over. They’re an industry giant who have consistently been providing high quality smartphones and televisions as well as kitchen appliances like fridges, ovens and washing machines

Samsung’s innovation knows no bounds and they are truly leading the way when it comes to reinventing appliances for the modern age. Their Family Hub fridge freezer is testament to that. 

Their fridge range ticks all the boxes. Affordable, stylish, efficient and high quality. You really can’t go wrong with them and they’re well worth a look.

  • Stylish
  • Energy Efficient
  • Affordable

Are AEG Fridges Any Good?

Our selection of AEG Fridges are another great place to start looking for a new fridge. Another appliance maker that is known the world over for their quality, efficiency and performance. German engineering is famous for a  reason.

That overarching design principle of efficiency and simplicity is clearly seen in the range of AEG fridges  we stock. These will bring your energy bills down, all whilst providing contemporary design and modern style. 

With multiple options to choose from , there’s an AEG fridge for every home on our website.

  • High Quality
  • Contemporary Design
  • Energy Efficient

Miele Fridges – Are They Worth It?

Another German firm providing no-nonsense solutions for your home, Miele are a consistent favourite amongst homeowners across any different product lines. Their creations have become a byword for reliability and performance, with simple, appealing design and the high build quality is something we have come to expect from Miele.

There’s plenty of variety to be enjoyed in our range, and you can be sure anyone you choose is going to be a great fit for your home

  • Reliable
  • High Build Quality
  • High Performance

Is Hotpoint a Good Brand for Fridges?

Hotpoint are one of the best-selling manufacturers in the UK. They’re a firm favourite amongst homeowners and their creations have been enjoyed by and favoured by our customers for a long time. 

Hitting the right affordable price points whilst also providing a high quality appliance that’s easy on your energy bills, easy on the eye and well worth the money they cost. There’s a reason why they’re leading the market and people keep coming back.

  • Affordable
  • High Quality
  • Energy Efficient

Are Smeg Fridges the Best?

If design is what you value more than anything, then a Smeg fridge might be exactly what you need. Smeg are a design-forward appliance manufacturer. Aesthetics resigns supreme, but don’t think that means there’s any compromise in performance or efficiency.

This Italian manufacturer have found a way to marry aesthetics with technical performance  you can enjoy both in equal measure with their appliances.

  • Design-led Desirable Appliances
  • High Quality Build
  • Energy Efficient

For the full range, head to the Refrigeration section. We have lines of fridge freezers, freezers and wine coolers there too, if you’ve still not settled on an appliance yet. We also have a fantastic range of other products in our Cooking and Extraction sections. With free delivery and competitive pricing, save money when you buy online today at Appliance City!