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Top 5 Kitchen Design Nightmares

Appliance City - Kitchen Nightmares

Are you about to embark on a long-held plan to refurbish your kitchen? Well, before you do let’s settle in and consider some cautionary tales of kitchen refurbishment disasters.
Enthusiasm is fantastic, but rushing into a DIY frenzy can be the difference between a trick and a treat. Let these terrifying kitchen nightmares quell your DIY urges.

Frightening Fittings

Appliance City - Avoid Kitchen Nightmares

Take note – you can never do too much planning.

There’s no two ways about it, you’ll need a tape measure to fit cabinets, drawers, and doors. The old phrase “measure twice, cut once” was written just for these kitchen fitting nightmares.

Petrifying Paint Spills

Appliance City - Petrifying Paint Spills - Kitchen Nightmares

A can of paint should never leave the floor once opened, and has to be treated with the same care and attention that you’d give to a game of Buckaroo. Paint has a habit of sticking to things – in fact that’s all it does – so make sure you don’t spend this Halloween on your hands and knees cleaning the floor with an old toothbrush!

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Flat Pack Frankenstein

Appliance City - Kitchen Nightmares - Flat Pack Disaster

If you prefer to move through life ‘winging it’, rather than properly following cryptic flat pack instructions, you might end up with a useless monstrosity which is only suitable to put on show during the Halloween season.

Painful Plumbing Plunders

Kitchen Nightmares

Water does not forgive or forget. This seemingly harmless liquid has the ability to ruin wood, flood a whole house, or even drive a person insane with the sound of a steady drip-drip-drip. When it comes to plumbing, it’s usually a good idea to bring in someone more experienced to tackle this foe. Approach at your own risk!

Tiling Terrors


Tiling requires accuracy down to the last mm, and if you aren’t precise you could end up with a kitchen straight out of a haunted house.

While your wall or floor may look normal at first glance, the more you look, the more likely you or your guests are to spot there’s something a little off. So pay close attention to your tiling techniques before it’s too late.

Whether it’s your walls or your floor, avoid a horror story written in stone with proper planning.

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