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The History Of The Refrigerator

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It’s hard to imagine life without a conventional refrigerator. But there was a time when we had to resort to more “natural” methods of storing our perishables. Today, most of us couldn’t do without a modern “fridge” so, a hundred years after the idea for a practical, domestic refrigeration unit was developed, let’s look at the history of the invention and some of the most famous brands that made home refrigeration possible.

Small Beginnings

Electrolux commercialised the absorption refrigerator after its creation in 1922.

By 1923 Kelvinator dominated the market with an 80% share. It was around this time that Frigidaire gave us the first self-contained unit. Prior to this, the “mechanical parts” of a refrigerator were placed in another room, with the cold box being in the kitchen.

General Electric gave us the “monitor top” refrigerator which became the first fridge to see prevalent use.

The Modern Refrigerator

Advances in technology have not only changed the way that our refrigerators work but also the way they look. With different colours, designs and additional technology such as water and ice dispensers and wine coolers, the refrigerator is no longer a modern convenience, but a necessary appliance and even a statement piece for many kitchens.
It’s not only home appliance companies that are furnishing our homes with appliances, our favourite electronics brands such as Samsung, LG, Panasonic and Siemens have all introduced refrigerators to their line of products.

Just when you thought that refrigeration technology couldn’t possibly go any further, brands began introducing “smart refrigerators”.

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