Samsung Dual Cook Oven…


What if I told you, that you could cook two dishes in one oven? That the need for a double oven or two separate ovens wasn’t all that necessary, especially if you are short on space. The Samsung dual cook oven means you can now cook two dishes at once in a single oven using different temperatures and time settings for each with no transfer of smells, thanks to Samsung’s Dual Cook technology. Cook small dishes in either the upper or lower cavities without having to heat the entire oven. Using just half of the oven with the shelf inserted, the Dual Cook consumes 25% less energy than a conventional oven. Impressive, right?

The Dual Cook has a larger upper cavity giving you more flexibility, and a smaller lower cavity. These can be used separately or together. Slide in the removable shelf, this allows you to heat each area to a different temperature and for a different length of time. Bake a fruit pie and a lasagne at the same time with zero transference of smells or flavours. Perfect if you are entertaining friends and family and need to cook multiple things in one go! Two rows of LED displays show precise temperature and time settings for both parts of the oven. Get everything to the table on time, even when you’re serving several courses. The ceramic enamel interior of this fantastic oven means its hard-wearing, scratch resistant and antibacterial. This makes the oven able to cope with daily use, easier to clean and provides a hygienic interior for cooking.

Consistent temperature control is very important and essential for perfectly cooked food. The temperature control feature maintains an extremely precise temperature with very little fluctuation, so your dishes are cooked perfectly – every time you cook them. The guide lighting control is a digital dashboard that acts as a culinary assistant. I mean it’s exactly what we need sometimes, a little help here and there by someone (or something) that knows what they’re doing. You can control cooking temperatures and times, select functions and set cleaning options by following the lights of its display. Speaking of cleaning… imagine an oven that cleans itself while it’s working. Amazing, right? Like having your own personal assistant/chef/cleaner. With catalytic cleaning, the food remnant tray collects grease and residue and chemically dissolves them, so your oven is always clean. That sounds like a dream doesn’t it. If you get the pyrolytic self-cleaning model, this reaches super high temperatures which burn off any deposits. Afterwards, all you simply need to do is wipe up the dust using a damp cloth.

Perfect, quick, ideal.

While most large capacity ovens typically result in greater energy use and higher bills, the Dual Cook was designed to provide exceptional A+ rated energy efficiency. You will struggle to find better than that for this type of oven.

So, there you have it. An oven that enables you to cook two dishes at the same time, at different temperatures and different time settings. The perfect choice for a busy kitchen and at a great price point. If you would like to shop around and see what other great deals we have from market-leading brands, we have some amazing products in our cooking section, including our line of range cookers. Head to our extraction section for matching cooker hoods, our refrigeration section for some amazing gear, including our American-Style Fridge Freezers or our small appliances section to add the finishing touches to your kitchen.

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