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Rid your kitchen stink…

Rid your kitchen stink… with a gadget under your sink!

Evolution 2001

Thinking of having a new kitchen? Or fancy helping the environment? Then a food waste disposal unit is a must have appliance!

With a touch of a button your food waste is ground down and flushed away. By replacing your normal plug hole and sitting discretely under your kitchen sink, they make dealing with food waste simple, efficient and mess free.


As waste food is no longer hanging around in bins you can wave goodbye to unwanted smells and germs in your home and spend less time emptying bins!

Installing a food waste disposal unit helps the environment. Less food is sent to landfill and councils no longer need to collect your food waste, therefore dramatically reducing your carbon footprint. Some councils are even using the waste from the units to create electricity!

As an added bonus, in the really near future councils will be introducing cash incentives for homes with waste disposal units, therefore making them extra friendly to your wallet too!


We have a wide range of waste disposal units available at Appliance City to suite your needs. The size of the motor is the most important consideration as it determines the dimensions of the appliance and how much waste food it can process. Large households will benefit from models with a bigger motor as more food will be ground quicker, so the Franke TP-125, ISE Evolution 200 and Caple WDU100 would be ideal candidates. If space is at a premium, then models with a smaller motor may be more suitable, such as the Caple WDU050. Some of these models come with a 10-year warranty, so you can be sure that your new appliance will last for a long time!

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